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Plant Your Jannah

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So We’re Married…Now What?

A mail holder is a good idea, for whoever is in charge of organizing bills, etc. A grocery list is also very helpful, and those nifty little magnetic pads you can hang on the fridge will help you to stay on top of what is needed.It’s a thought that passes through everyone’s mind, when it...


A Muslim Brotherhood Love Story

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Whenever Khadīja (raḍiy Allāhu ʿanha) is mentioned what picture forms in your mind? Do you not picture how she sacrificed her comfort and livelihood for the cause of the Prophet...

Tip Of The Week

Beware Of Talking Too Much

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Being a chatterbox isn’t the best of traits to have – especially when you talk unnecessarily and without the mention of Allah.  Indeed, speaking too much can lead to the...


Ramadan can be lonely for converts

Pure Matrimony | | 0 Comments is seeking to forge bonds of fraternity between converts and the wider Muslim community this Ramadan with their ‘Online Ramadan Iftar Project’ on Facebook. Ertan Karpazli / World Bulletin...

Family life

I Can’t Find Time For My Kids

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Thanks for your concern about developing your children’s skills. It’s a continuous task and can be done in your everyday life with different activities. The whole thing with cleaning the...