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Ramadan with Little Muslims: Good Deed Lentils

Waking up on day 1 of Ramadan with the older two fasting, we established what fasting really means. Was it just about going without food and drink? Clearly not, according to the hadith. So using examples of one sibling teasing the other, feeling annoyed at a parent when being asked to do a chore –...


He Prayed Instead of Faught

Pure Matrimony | | 4 Comments

In any relationship, disagreements are inevitable. How do you respond when a loved one makes a mistake? Let’s see how this husband responded and how it affected his wife and...


Fatherhood In Islam

Pure Matrimony | | 1 Comment

It is important for Muslims to have a discussion about fatherhood while keeping in mind the ever-fragile state of Muslim families. We need to re-assess the language we use and...

Relationship Issues

A Wounded Heart

Pure Matrimony | | 0 Comments

The sudden dreadful crying and screaming woke Zainab up. She lay on her bed, burying her face into the pillow, trying hard to block out the growing noise coming from...