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Is This Love I'm Feeling ?

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Source : Suhaibwebb: ‘Is this love I’m feeling’ By Yasmin mogahed . “Love is a serious mental disease.” At least that’s how Plato put it. And while anyone who’s ever...


A Wife

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Source : : ‘Advice to Husbands’ by Sheikh Abdullah Adhami A talk by Shaykh Abdullah Adhami By getting married you are not just getting a wife, you are getting...


Well, At Least Learn To 'Fight Right'

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Source : : ’10 Ways Spouses Can Fight Right’ “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” Umm….wrong!! Words not only hurt; they can...

Before you say ‘I do’

Tired of Being Single?

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Source : :’Tired of being single’By Hosai Mojaddidi & Dr. Nafisa Sekandari By Hosai Mojaddidi & Dr. Nafisa Sekandari “Relationship idolatry happens when we place too much emphasis on...

Before you say ‘I do’

Muslims in Love

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Source : : “Muslims in Love” by Margari Aziza Hill by Margari Hill Muslim Women balance tradition and romance in their search for spouses. The large body of stirring...

Before you say ‘I do’

When Parents Don’t Approve

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Source : ‘When Parents Don’t Approve.’ Getting Married Parental disapproval of their adult child’s mate selection is a big problem for the fictional ‘Ali and Khan families. Mrs. ‘Ali...