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Reviving our Sense of Gheera

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Source: Sometimes Muslim women don’t understand if their menfolk want them to cover their faces or if they ask them to change something about the way they dress or...


Words to My Muslim Sister

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Source: My Dear Sister, Know, my dear Muslim sister, that you are man’s sister and half of humanity. You are a mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, grand daughter or...

Family life

The Excellence of Daughters

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Source : by Yoosuf ibn ‘Abdullaah Al-‘Areefee The encouragement to seek children covers both sons and daughters, and along with this general encouragement Islam has given special merits to...


Battling Temptation

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Source: She was a very bright, energetic sister in her mid-20s—a graduate student working part-time and volunteering regularly at the local masjid and several Islamic organizations. She led halaqahs (gatherings),...


An Unexpected Best Friend

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By Khadijah Stott-Andrew Many marital advices have made the point that a woman doesn’t feel as loved as when her husband is spending quality time with her. Likewise, the husband feels valued...