3 Years on Pure Matrimony And I Finally Found The One!

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By Pure Matrimony -

We’ll be talking to husband and wife team Umm Dhul Qarnayn and Abu Nusayba who alhamdulillah found each other on Pure Matrimony and got married last year. Umm Dhul Qarnayn had been searching for three years before finally finding the one on Pure Matrimony.

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Assalamu Alaikkum, As a practising Muslim, I understand your concerns regarding trying to find a pious spouse online and quite frankly I’m not surprised, because trying to find a practising single Muslim on other halal Matrimonial websites, is like trying to find a needle in a haste tag. Some practicing single Muslims won’t even entertain the idea of searching of a marriage partner online, whilst others are frustrated by what they come across and why, because they feel that those other Muslim matrimonial websites are more like dating sites with profiles full of people who, let’s just say aren’t suitable and just like you, I searched on those other websites too and I did find one person share the same likes as me but in the end, the one most important thing was missing, she wasn’t practicing, but then I came across purematrimony.com and was surprised by how refreshingly different they are from other matrimonial websites and now, one year on, Alhumdulillah I’m now married, that’s right married. But the best part is that, not only is my wife practising her deen, she also happens to like the same thing as me. Purematrimony .com is the world’s largest website for practising single Muslim seeking a marriage partner in one place…..

Arfa – Assalamu Alaikkum (wrb) and Welcome to the family matters show. I’m your host, Sister. Arfa Saira Iqbal, head of Pure Matrimony. In today’s show, I’m going to be talking to husband and wife team Umm Dhul Qarnayn and Abu Nusayba, Alhumdulillah found each other on Purematrimony and got married last year, so without further do, Assalamu Alaikkum and Welcome to you both.

Umm Dhul Qarnayn and Abu Nusayba: Wa Alaikkum Salaam wa rahamthullahi wa barakathuhu.

Arfa: Wow Maasha Allah! How are you both, are you doing well?

Umm Dhul Qarnayn and Abu Nusayba: Alhumdullillah!

Arfa: OK! Excellent, right Mabrook on getting married, honestly Maasha Allah I’m so excited to be talking to you both and you know, I’ve got lots of questions to ask. So, I’m really gonna just dive right in. So let me start right at the beginning and wanted to ask you both, you know, what is your background, what are your ages and what exactly do you do.

Umm Dhul Qarnayn: OK, Insha Allah!

Arfa: Yeah, OK, so Just go for it.  So sister, if you want to start Insha Allah, So just tell me a little bit about your our age, your profession, what you do, where you live.

Umm Dhul Qarnayn: Well, I live in UAE.

Arfa: OK…

Umm Dhul Qarnayn: Brought up in UAE, but basically mom is from Bangalore, Dad is from Chennai.  As I was brought up in UAE, being like my second hometown, I’ve done my… B.E in Computer Science in (coughing) in my… in BITS, Pilani. And then since (coughing) sorry for the cough.

Arfa: It’s OK (chuckling…)

Umm Dhul Qarnayn: Because I’ve been having a sore throat.

Arfa: Ooh, OK, May Allah cure you, Aameen!

Umm Dhul Qarnayn : Aameen! Aameen!! and then… being recently running the muslimah network as a entrepreneur and Insha Allah will be going on for few projects as well in the future.

Arfa: Oh, That’s fantastic!

Umm Dhul Qarnayn: I have been running a few other projects as well in long time previous years like humble hearts, muslimah network and then, I’m right now seeking knowledge in advance fiqh, and prophetic guidance that is a book by Shayk Uthaymeen.

Arfa: Oh!

Umm Dhul Qarnayn : So, specialising in that right now.

Arfa: Yup…

Umm Dhul Qarnayn: Basically student knowledge as well an entrepreneur and a home maker at the same moment

Arfa : Oh Maasha Allah… Wow… (Laughing…) You’ve quite accomplished then… Alhumdulillah…
Umm Dhul Qarnayn : Yeah, Alhumdulillah and…

Arfa: Alhumdulillah…

Umm Dhul Qarnayn: and… Yeah, I’m 31 years old and I forgot to tell my age… so…

Arfa Laughing…
Umm Dhul Qarnayn Laughing…

Umm Dhul Qarnayn: Alhumdulillah, It’s been 6 months since we are married now.

Arfa: Maasha Allah… Maasha Allah…

Umm Dhul Qarnayn: Alhumdulillah, we got married in UAE itself

Arfa: OK… Fantastic

Umm Dhul Qarnayn: And…Yes, my dad was like… I like gone through a few like a question and so… my dad just passed away… and (Sis.Arfa at the background: Inna Lillahi wa inna ilahi rajioon) and as he got me married just six month back, so Alhumdulillah, so it has been a great thing he has done for us

Arfa: Yes, Subhanallah!

Umm Dhul Qarnayn: So, May Allah bless him with Jannathul Firdous

Arfa: Aameen, Aameen!

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6 Comments to 3 Years on Pure Matrimony And I Finally Found The One!

  1. Iam a christian but has been wanting to convert to islam. And I have long wanted to and feel if I find a God fearing, kind, responsible, compassionate and intelligent Muslim man, then he can lead me to get to know the beauty of Islam.

    • Assalamualaikum sis..I’m proud about ur sincerity and intention. We believe that allah faith every human life regardless of any religious..for a best start get ur heart close to allah…loves him first other than all human man kinds bcos thats truth loves.U don’t need a man guide u…allah is the most guardian and its all human turns too…Sorry if my words not right to ur feeling…May Allah bless u and open ur heart in ur believes and may Allah gives u a correct man for ur life time…..amen.

    • Janette
      MashaAllah you have surely been guided to the right path, you shouldn’t wait to convert to muslim and do it right away. Start to get to know the religion and practice it the right way. I hope that you will find someone that will show you the true beauty of Islam. Ameen.
      InshaAllah khair

  2. I love listening to the podcasts
    They are very helpful. Iam sooo happy people like you exists , that can help reach out many muslim women and men…

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