3 Years on Pure Matrimony And I Finally Found The One!

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3 Years on Pure Matrimony And I Finally Found The One!
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By Pure Matrimony -

We’ll be talking to husband and wife team Umm Dhul Qarnayn and Abu Nusayba who alhamdulilah found each other on Pure Matrimony and got married last year. Umm Dhul Qarnayn had been searching for three years before finally finding the one on Pure Matrimony.

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Direct download Link : http://traffic.libsyn.com/purematrimony/Interview_with_Umm_Dhul_Quarnayn.mp3

6 Comments to 3 Years on Pure Matrimony And I Finally Found The One!

  1. Iam a christian but has been wanting to convert to islam. And I have long wanted to and feel if I find a God fearing, kind, responsible, compassionate and intelligent Muslim man, then he can lead me to get to know the beauty of Islam.

    • Assalamualaikum sis..I’m proud about ur sincerity and intention. We believe that allah faith every human life regardless of any religious..for a best start get ur heart close to allah…loves him first other than all human man kinds bcos thats truth loves.U don’t need a man guide u…allah is the most guardian and its all human turns too…Sorry if my words not right to ur feeling…May Allah bless u and open ur heart in ur believes and may Allah gives u a correct man for ur life time…..amen.

    • Janette
      MashaAllah you have surely been guided to the right path, you shouldn’t wait to convert to muslim and do it right away. Start to get to know the religion and practice it the right way. I hope that you will find someone that will show you the true beauty of Islam. Ameen.
      InshaAllah khair

  2. I love listening to the podcasts
    They are very helpful. Iam sooo happy people like you exists , that can help reach out many muslim women and men…

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