5 Tips For Being Productive When Working From Home

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By Pure Matrimony -

5 tips tp ward off lazinessWorking from home is the ideal solution for many Muslims who want to spend more time with their family. In particular, working from home is the perfect solution for sisters who wish to earn a living, but don’t want to go out of the home, or who prefer to work around their children.

But while working from home is a huge blessing, it’s also something which requires a LOT of discipline and motivation – after all, being at home can also be very distracting! So here are our top tips to maximise productivity in the home without being side-tracked with distractions!

  1. Create A Separate Working Space – Don’t get into the habit of sitting with your family while working, or you’ll lose focus on the tasks at hand. Create a separate working space out of the way. Turn a spare room into a proper home office and make sure you have EVERYTHING you need to make your job easier. Have allocated spaces for files as well as a good table and supporting chair where you’ll be sitting.
  2. Work in Blocks or Chunks of Time – a good rule of thumb would be working in 45, 60 or 90 minute chunks. Then take a break for 10-15 minutes AWAY from your computer – or you can strain your eyes! Plus the break is a great time to do chores, do your salah or give your kids some much needed attention!
  3. Fix A Schedule And Stick To It – It’s not healthy to be working all day and all night. Your body has rights over you and your family have rights over you. So allocate fixed times when you will work and take the rest of the time OFF. This means NO computer time when your children are around. Plus, because you know you only have X hours in the day to work, you’ll make every minute count!
  4. Create Boundaries With Your Family – This is a big one. One major productivity killer is when you’re in the middle of something and your kids come to you with something pointless, or your spouse decides to interrupt your work for something non-urgent. Your working time is YOUR time and your family have to understand and respect this. They wouldn’t walk into an office and stop you in the middle of your work, so they shouldn’t do this when you are at home either!
  5. Make ‘Me’ Time A Priority! One BIG issue is that people who work from home end to be busier than usual because they have to tend to the home and family while working – and very often this means neglecting yourself. Having a healthy lifestyle keeps your thoughts clear, recharges your brain and ensures you are well cared for. You can’t be productive if you’re sick or unhealthy! But also, there’s a social aspect to working from home too – make an effort to meet friends for a ‘working lunch’ at least once or twice a month if possible. As anyone who works from home can tell you, it can get pretty lonely at times!

Remember, working from home has lots of flexibility and perks that working in an office could never have – but it can only work for you if you are clear on your goals and create adequate boundaries for yourself and your family.

The Pure Matrimony Team

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