5 types of Toxic people

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Author: Asiya Karim

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With Ramadhan around the corner we should not just work on improving our habits – waking up for tahajjud, praying in the congregation but also removing those things that affect us negatively and stun our growth whether its music from our phones or toxic people who sap us of our positivity.

Here are 5 types of people you must avoid or remove from your life ASAP:
1. The Gossipmonger: Just like sticking around too long near a fish monger can leave you smelling like fish be around a Gossip monger and your emaan will stink. These are the sort of people who will only call you up to tell you who is doing or saying something about you or others. They might drop in a few “Astagfirullahs” to make it all legit, but its still wrong. “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” People who are good for us are those who will ask us where we are headed in life, help us achieve our dreams by formulating plans with us and helping us reach our goals.

“Do not concern yourself with things about which you have no knowledge. Verily, your hearing, sight, and heart — all of them will be called to account” (Quran 17:36).

2. Miss Competitiveness: So you made the perfect chocolate soufflé and everybody loved it! A friend who is good for you will enjoy it and ask for the recipe the toxic one will make tiramisu to top off your soufflé at the next party not only that she will rub it in your face about her kids performance at school or her promotion or the new swanky car they own. Please show her the way to her car through your door and never invite her back again! The only person you should try to out do each time is yourself. Every person has a different life course. You run yours!

“Whoever seeks to compete with you in your religion, compete with him; whoever seeks to compete with you in this world, let him have it.” [Imam Al-Hasan Al-Basri]

3. The Emotional Leech: Ok, so you are a good listener and love helping out people (Allah helps those who helps others). But then there is one person who shows up at the door each time she and her hubby have fought or the kids need baby-sitting, look for her when you need a shoulder to cry on and suddenly she is AWOL! Toss her out. Relationships are about give and take. Someone just taking from you will just drain you of energy that can be employed for your betterment. Also you rob them of the ability of dealing with their problems themselves and make yourself their crutch. Next time she calls tell her that you need to memorize the Quran or listen to a lecture (and actually do it!) your life is better off without her. “Those people who show no mercy will receive no mercy from Allah.” {Muslim}

4. The Finicky Compliment Giver: She will toss half a compliment in your direction for any good thing that you tell her but it sounds like an insult or how you could have done it better! Something like Oh! you have lost weight but you really need to take care of your wobbly stomach. Yellow looks great on you but it just not my colour, I am too fair to carry it off. Everything out of her mouth puts you down. Guess what, its time to put this person out of your life for good! “Not one of you can (truly) believe if you do not want for your (believing) brother what you want for yourself.” [Bukhari]

5. The “Nothing-About-You-Is-Good”: This one will stop at nothing to put you down in front of people in the social media. She will post embarrassing comments on your photographs or bring up things, which you just want to forget! She will say and do things online and offline which will damage your self-esteem. “He who hides the faults of a Muslim, Allah will hide his faults in the world and (will forgive his faults) on Judgment Day.” {Muslim}

Allah has made each of us with an unlimited potential to become the best of his creation – we are limited only by our mind! When we stay away from people who mess with our minds we are helping ourselves get closer and closer to becoming the best.

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  1. mashaallah. I really like this article. I never read such a thing from Islamic angel of view. jezakumullahu khaira.

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