5 Ways To Boost Your Confidence If You’re Single

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Source: 5 Ways To Boost Your Confidence If You're Single

Did you know that one of the best ways to help you find the one is to ensure you have the right mindset? The right mindset starts with having confidence in yourself – because let’s face it, rejection or searching for what seems like forever can really knock your confidence.

So here’s 5 ways you can boost your confidence and make it easier for yourself to deal with being single today!

1. Boost Your Self Image

Repeatedly turning down prospective spouses or being rejected can get really draining. Boost your self image by focusing on your strengths and the qualities you have. Draw up a list of all of your achievements and the things your family and friends love about you and say ‘alhamdulilah for everything!’. Focusing on the things Allah has given you and enabled you to do will help you stay positive.

2. Try Something New 

Searching for the one can sometimes feel as if it’s taking over your life! While marriage is half your deen, it should never mean you are incomplete without it! Give yourself some breathing space by getting a new hobby or taking up a sport. Trying something new will seriously boost your self-esteem and add value to your life without you having to be consumed by the need to find a spouse.

3. Speak Positive About Yourself

This isn’t some airy fairy nonsense – many studies have found that the way you speak to yourself and the way you think about yourself has a HUGE impact on everything you do and the dreams you achieve. It may seem uncomfortable, but telling yourself that you are a kind and generous person and that you are enough for yourself is a step in the right direction. Never use negative language to describe yourself – because doing so will mean you take less care of yourself than you should.

4. Move Your Body

Speaking positive is one thing, but without action, it means nothing. Follow up your positive thoughts and words with action – so workout if you aren’t already doing so! Go for a walk, take an exercise class, try a new sport. Your body is an amanah from Allah, so take good care of it!

5. Increase In Gratitude

Be grateful for Allah’s blessings and remind yourself often to thank Allah for everything you have. By focusing on what He SWT has given you, you’ll feel less likely to complain about your situation. This alone will help you feel more positive overall.

Finally, remember that being single is what Allah SWT has chosen for you – so be content in this matter and stay positive. By implementing the above tips, it will put you in a better place when the right person DOES come along.


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