6 Tips to No TV during the 10 days of Dhul-HIjjah

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Author: Grandma Jeddah

Source: www.aaila.org

Looking for ways to increase your good deeds these 10 Days of Dhul-Hijjah? How about shutting off the TV for your family. Attempting such a noble endeavor as giving up television can help your family minimize negative influences such as scantily clad women, sexual innuendo, commercials promoting materialism and unhealthy food choices.

There is little argument that the best TV is one that is turned off, or—better yet–left out of the home entirely. But the temptation to watch TV is so captivating and strong that many mothers wonder–what are the alternatives? Here are 6 tips on how you can encourage your family to drop the TV habit during the first 10 days of Dhul-Hijjah and—hopefully–beyond.

1. One of the easiest ways to wean yourself and your family away from TV is by collecting a selection of Islamic DVD’s or videos to watch at home. One well known site that offers a host of Islamic entertainment is SoundVision. This wonderful site is famous for their videos of the adorable puppet Adam from Adams World. You can find a large selection of other Islamic based audio-visual entertainment there as well.

Animal, science, and educational documentaries are precious alternative to TV viewing, too. Some of these topics can be obtained from the SoundVision site, also. Another great idea is to check out educationally oriented DVDs from your local library. And of course most everyone is familiar with National Geographic. This institution is well known for its array of enlightening animal and educational entertainment. Don’t forget to click on Amazon to view their extensive selection of educational videos, too.

2. Make it a rule or habit to use the TV only when watching a daily or weekly DVD in the home. When the program is over, turn off the TV immediately, unplug it, and turn it to face the wall. If you are really serious, remove your TV from your home completely, and start a new family custom of living without a TV. What to do in your home without a TV? Here are a few ideas:

3. Turn on Quran more often in your home. If you don’t have your own personal selection of DVDs or cassette tapes, no need to worry. The computer is loaded with an assortment of lovely recitors. Mishray Al-Fasy is a favorite in our home. You will also find many sites on YouTube that include translations in other languages, both audibly and in written word. Quran can also be found nowadays on phones, I pads, and an assortment of electronic sources. Take advantage of the many ways you can listen to Quran.

3. Encourage your children to read more often. Reading is becoming a lost art in many homes. With the ever present computer, TV, smart phone and other electronic communications, it can become a battle encouraging your kids to pick up a book. To get them in the mood, try taking them on visits to the library to select their own book of interest. You can even offer rewards for completing the reading of a book. Again, SoundVision is a wonderful resource for Islamic reading material. Their books range in interest level level from toddler to young adulthood. And now that e-books are in vogue, you can even download a book for your child from the computer or Ipad. It might take a while to get your child into the reading habit, but it’s well worth it. Reading opens the window to a world full of imagination and education.

4. Sit, listen and talk to your kids. One of the biggest complaints children have is that their parents rarely listen to them or give them attention. With the TV out of the home, there will be ample time for mother to listen and focus in on her children more. Let this be a new opportunity to build a closer relationship between you and your children.

5. Create or purchase a few extra games to play with around the house. The number of games to select from is virtually endless. There are cards with which you can play an assortment of fun and entertaining games .You can also use a simple pen and paper to design games like tic-tac-toe or hangman to play with. Board games are always a joy. And puzzles are fun to play with, too, so are Legos. Check online for indoor quiet games or arts and crafts ideas. The Internet is loaded with sites that have creative entertainment ideas for mothers and their children.

6. Accept and tolerate more active play in the home. Without TV to sit in front of for hours on end, your children will actually begin finding their own ways to replace time that was spent watching TV. Be ready to accept more horseplay around the house and creative exploring.   A tip is to have toys, craft materials, and building blocks available for your children’s access.  Another great suggestion is for you–the parent–to join in on some of the playtime with your kids; you are your child’s favorite toy.  Playing with your kids will also help them develop an interest in their new games and activities which will increase their perceived value and longevity.

There are numerous ways to liberate your family from the TV habit these 10 days of Dhul HIjjah.  Try integrating some of the above suggestions in your home. Your TV-free home will help your family avoid the temptations that are found on television and lead to a more pleasurable and Islamic household, insha’Allah.  

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