60 Ways to Keep Your Husband's Love

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By Pure Matrimony -

60 Ways to Keep Your Husband’s Love

1.Behave like a female, i.e. all the tenderness of a female–a man doesn’t want a man for his wife!
2.Dress pleasantly/attractively. If you are a home-maker, don’t stay in your sleeping suit all day.
3.Smell good!
4.Don’t lay out all your problems on your husband as soon as he walks in. Give him a little mental break.
5.Don’t keep asking him, “what are you thinking?”
6.Stop nagging non-stop before Allah ta’ala gives you something really to complain about.

7.Absolutely no talking about your spousal problems to anyone you meet, not even under the pretense of seeking help! If you think you want to solve legitimate marital issues, then go seek counseling with the right person who can give advice in either:
Mediate any injustice done so any wrong can be corrected and the couple can reunite in harmony, or
Amicable divorce
8.Be kind to your mother-in-law the same way you would like your husband to be kind to your own mother.
9.Learn all the rights and obligations of each other in Islam. Focus on fulfilling your obligations, not demanding your rights
10.Race to the door when he comes home, as if you were waiting for him. Smile and hug him.
11.Keep your house clean, at least to the level that he wants it.
12.Compliment him on the things you know he’s not so confident about (looks, intelligence, etc.) This will build his self-esteem.
13.Tell him he’s the best husband ever.
14.Call his family often.
15.Give him a simple task to do at home and then thank him when he does it. This will encourage him to do more.
16.When he’s talking about something boring, listen and nod your head. Even ask questions to make it seem like you’re interested.
17.Encourage him to do good deeds.
18.If he’s in a bad mood, give him some space. He’ll get over it, inshaAllah.
19.Thank him sincerely for providing you with food and shelter. It’s a big deal.
20.If he’s angry with you and starts yelling, let him yell it out while you’re quiet. You will see your fight will end a lot faster. Then when he’s calm, you can tell him your side of the story and how you want him to change something.
21.When you’re mad at him, don’t say “YOU make me furious”, rather, “This action makes me upset”. Direct your anger to the action and circumstance rather than at him.
22.Remember that your husband has feelings, so take them into consideration.
23.Let him chill with his friends without guilt, especially if they’re good guys. Encourage him to go out, so he doesn’t feel “cooped up” at home.
24.If your husband is annoyed over a little thing you do (and you can control it), then stop doing it. Really.
25.Learn how to tell him what you expect without him having to guess all the time. Learn to communicate your feelings.
26.Don’t get mad over small things. It’s not worth it.
27.Make jokes. If you’re not naturally funny, go on the internet and read some jokes, and then tell them to him.
28.Tell him you’re the best wife ever and compliment yourself on certain things you know you’re good at.
29.Learn to make his favorite dish.
30.Don’t ever, EVER talk bad about him with friends or family unnecessarily. If they end up agreeing with you, you will see that it hits you back in the face because you get more depressed that you have a bad husband–and other people also think you have a bad husband.
31.Use your time wisely and get things accomplished. If you’re a home-maker, take online classes and get active in your community. This will make you happy and a secondary bonus is that it impresses your husband.
32.Do all of the above fee sabeelillah and you will see Allah put barakah in everything you do.
33.Husband and wife should discuss and communicate with wisdom with each other to convey what they like and dislike of each other to do or not to do. Do NOT give commands or instructions like he’s your servant. “They are garment to each other” [Surah Baqarah, 2:187]
34.Tell your husband you love him, many, many times. Aisha (رضالله عنها) narrated that the Prophet (صلي الله عليه وسلم) used to ask her how strong her love for him, she said like “a knot.” And the next time he would ask her, “How is that knot?” He also used to reply to her saying, “Jazzakillah, O Aishah, wallahi, you have not rejoiced in me as I have rejoiced in you.”
35.Have a race with your husband and let him win, even if you are much fitter and stronger than him.
36.Keep fit and take care of your health so you will remain a strong mother, wife, cook and housekeeper, inshaAllah you will not get FAT and frumpy.
37.Refine and cultivate good mannerisms i.e do not whine, don’t laugh or talk too loud or walk like an elephant.
38.Do not leave the house without his permission and certainly not without his knowledge.
39.Make sure all his clothes are clean and pressed so he is always looking fresh and crisp.
40.Don’t discuss important/controversial matters with him when he is tired or sleepy. Find right time for right discussion.
41.The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.
42.Always let him know that you appreciate him working and bringing home the “dough”. It makes it easier for him to go to work.
43.Make sure you ALWAYS have something for dinner.
44.Brush your hair, everyday.
45.Don’t forget to do laundry.
46.Surprise him with gifts. Even necessities, such as new shoes, can be gifts.
47.Listen to him. (Even when he talks about extremely boring things like basketball or computers.)
48.Try (hard as it might be) to take interest in his hobbies.
49.Try not to go shopping too much … and spend all his money.
50.Look attractive and be seductive towards him. Flirt with him.
51.Learn tricks and “techniques” to please your husband in intimacy. (Of course goes both ways.)
52.Prepare for special evenings with him with special dinner and exclusive time (no children permitted).
53.Take care of your skin, especially your face. The face is center of attraction.
54.If you not satisfied intimately, talk to him and tell him. Help him or provide resources, don’t wait until matters become worse.
55.Ask Allah to strengthen and preserve the bonds of compassion and love between the two of you, every day, every prayer. Ask him to protect that bond from Shaytaan. When a lesser devil destroys the love between spouses, he is the most beloved of Shaytaan. Nothing works like du’ah, and love only exists between spouses where Allah instills it.

56.Don’t EVER compare your husbands to other husbands! For example don’t say, “well her husband doesn’t do that, why do you …” (thats a killer!)

57.Be happy with what you have because no one is perfect. If you want perfection, wait until you enter Jannah together inshaAllah–and of course, vice versa!.

58.Strive for Allah’s love first and foremost! if all wives try to seek Allah’s love and pleasure, surely, they can keep their husbands love too. And remember–if Allah loves you, the angels will love you, and the entire creation will love you.
59.If you pack a lunch for your husband to take to work, from time to time sneak in a little love note or sweet poem. If he doesn’t take a lunch, leave the note somewhere else for him to find, like in his briefcase, or wallet or on the car steering-wheel

60.Wake him up for Qiyam ul-Layl (in the last third of the night) and ask him to pray with you.

May Allah preserve all of our marriages and help us understand and implement them in and with the best of manners, ameen! InshaAllah if you know more ways, post them in the comments and share the benefit.



44 Comments to 60 Ways to Keep Your Husband's Love

  1. Akriti Kaul

    Basically, the article says:

    – women are inferior to men in islam.
    – women cannot express what problems they have to any third person.
    – women cannot even discuss their problems with husbands unless commanded.
    – women are tools of fun for men in Islam.

    Being a woman myself, I feel sorry for the imprisoned women in islam.

    • Thank you Akriti Kaul, this is very offensive and degrading, what’s not offensive should be given to the local stand up comedians.

    • Those are beautiful, free and simple ways to keep your husband happy and your marriage healthy. It definitely will make the woman superior in her husband’s eyes.
      Akriti, try it oneday, it may save you much heartache. Akriti what role would you like to take in a marriage? Would you be able to define it? Wake up person! Get a broad oulook in life as a start. Which religion burns a woman with her dead husband and which religion, prays to a lingum (male sexual organ), decorates it with flowers and washes it with milk? – Not Islam!

    • In Hindu, WOMAN are the one who PAY dowry when it comes to marriage. It’s the craziest thing ever happen for the woman herself. IT gives them a lot of stress and burden if they can’t afford it especially if her family is poor..no wonder many hindu woman commit suicide if they are not marry until they gettin old or whatsoever. Read QURAN, and u will know how good ISLAM is in treating WOMAN.

    • Akriti, you shouldn’t be sorry for anybody cos we the muslim women did not tell you we are in prison or we are complainin, we are very happy and proud of our religion.

    • Muhammed sadam

      ohh cme on,,just go an read the rule book which are for men and speak,,Gods rule is always fair and aquare,,follow it or reject,,do or die,,,thts it,,

  2. This entire list is such an offense to women I cannot believe somebody had the gall to post it. And then to drag the Prophet and his wives into it? The authors ought to be ashamed of themselves!

    Akriti Kaul, as a Muslim woman who actually DOES know about her religion, I can assure you this article is pure, one-sided nonsense. Probably put-together by some miserable soul who thinks he’s superior because he learned how to read or something.

    Unfortunately a lot of people like to blame the religion for this type of philosophy but I truly believe that this is more the result of a narrow-minded patriarchal culture.
    I really wish they would get over themselves!

  3. akirti, i hav nothing to say about who n wut kinda person rote this article… jus read d article as if it was 60 ways to keep your wife’s love. all these acts are mutual.

  4. well this is not a matter of conflict between men and women..this was a simple article for wives to act perfect from their side,,the remaining role will be played by husband as his deed, but atleast a woman should be fair and perfect from her side.
    i truly agree to all these things mentioned and respect them.

  5. This article wasn’t biased or one sided and definitely doesn’t make women sound inferior…….its the other side to the article 60 ways to keep your husband happy.
    It contains some great advice…everyone has a role to play to keep a marriage happy.

  6. No wonder….why non-muslim think us of extremist cuz u guyz take everything to extreme…this article is a fantacy of a mad guy……..plz ladies quran n sahi ahaadees for guidance not these stupid offensive articles by publicity freaks…..

  7. whatever the objective… just take the positive side of it.. i like the articles , it’s just that we can’t satisfy everybody… afterall..god create adam as khalifah of the first mankind..be it. women be realistic… no bias or prejudice… be honest to yourself.. man is a man.. god know’s. sorry to say’s that there is no lady’s prophet. respect the creator’s will and deed… praise the lord.. god bless mohd(pbuh) ..sayonara….

  8. I agree tht women plays a bigger role than what a man does in marriage, she keeps everything in place, she’s the one who sets the values and rules of d house. The husbands actions and his boundaries is based on how his wife treats him. It might seem tht a man has more power over his wife bt the truth is the husband is only as powerful as his wife needs him to be. Marriage is the most beautiful experience ever

  9. Sarah Nayeem

    There is something called proper use of language and vocalbulary.If you want to advice don’t make it sound like a fanatic’s attempt to snub women but rather a respectful advice article.Don’t give people chances to attack our religion due to your ignorance.

  10. Half of these are true being married to a muslim myself what happend to men keeping wives happy its all about the men.i do do most of these things but sum r jus mental .im not religious at the moment but hopefully I will be 1 day I dnt see why I should become sumthing im not just because my husband is muslim ie. Name change islam etc I will do if I want to 1 day. I married him nt his religion I respect him and love him and hopefully I will follow him into islam just because im english dnt mean im no good there is some decent 1s out there:-) I knw people wil say thats bad of him to marry me but thats up to him and god put us together he had a pakistani woman but she was his worst nightmare oh we get the luks but why shud I dress in pakistani clothes when im english! Just because others have a problem ! I cover up respect his family and totally do everything 4 him being english dnt mean im bad n being muslim pakistani dnt mean im gud either . Its the person inside nt the colour n race.we have a lovely relationship two little boys taken after there dad of course ie. names n religion and most importantly we work as a team! I just wrote this as there is much discrimination against mixed race couples frm both sides .its england so its bound to happen ! Only god can judge us! Peace out

  11. Dont completely agree with this article. Maybe the intentions are good but content may not be suitable for all Muslim women especially those who were not raised in the traditional Asian household. Yes, this article seems to be more of a mix of the asian culture and religious understanding of what a man wants and what a woman should be doing

  12. DEAR Akriti Kaul, you just thinking narrow.How on the earth respecting your husband and striving to keep his love can be imprisonment? All Christians think so and they think Christian women are independent ,but in reality this independence means having baby before marriage, changing boyfriends,divorcing for even unworthy things,showing their parts of body enough to make others to gaze at them even in front of their husbands[lol,these husbands have not any sense of jealous instead they feel proud that they have a sexy wife,in its place these husbands can’t stop looking at another ‘sexy’ woman; and a lot of things that Christians consider independence and they ignore these things are prohibited even in ”Bible”.].And a lot of Muslim families keep their life happy for following religious rules.The article is just about the ways of keeping a husband’s love.And they are optional,but whoever follows it keeps marriage beautiful ,whoever doesn’t follow gain less love of her husband,it is just this.

  13. well said,very honest words. Religion is the easy bit in my opinion, its the culture that can be tricky. Be the best person you can be,follow your gut instinct&pray to God to help,guide&protect you & your family.Salams

  14. Nesreen Ballut

    Oh my Lord. This is ridiculous. If a woman would like to do some of these things for her husband, it is out of love and wanting to do it… Not because it is required. The way I look at it is: if you don’t give, you won’t receive and vice versa. Don’t expect to receive any type of treatment when you are not giving the equal amount of respect and love towards your significant other. It is clear to see that this man is very unhappy in his marriage (or previous marriage) and wants to use this website as a means to bash the wife/ex-wife. On a different note, if my husband is going to put equal effort to make me happy, I will be the best wife to him. Women love men that know how to treat them with respect, dignity and ESPECIALLY giving the wife a reason to life other than cooking, cleaning and being their sex object. 🙂

  15. Working Muslimah

    This is written for a muslimah without a career/job. Title should be “60 Ways to Keep Your Husband’s Love (if you are a housewife)”

  16. I do alot of these things for my husband an i do them out of love, its not a plan or a tack tick to keep my husband this man who has brought our religion into this noncense has forgot to mention our prophet did NOT teach us or mention how a wife should keep her husband but how a husband an wife should work together because thats what he did.. my husband runs for the chance to do something for me an thats only because of the love we have for each other he wouldnt let me get up if it were up to him…My husband is not only my husband but my best friend we have travelled the world an being with each other an thanking allah that we met is more than enough never mind the KEEEPING HUSBAND DRAMA…and this dudes bulls**t shows how awfully he must have treated his wife he shouldnt have named it 60 ways to keep your HUSBAND but 60 WAYS TO LOSE YOUR WIFE AN HOW TO MAKE HER SLAVE AROUND!!!

  17. This artical does not say do all 60 advises … You can use what applies to you within your relationship!!! Its not degrading because we actually do a lot of these listed things already…. Here they are just listed and that’s what looks so bad.

  18. For some of the tips I think they are good enough to spice up a couple’s life. However, the rest of the tips is, I’am afraid, just written from a male lunatic perspective. I believe this type of articles should give tips to both sexes on a mutual plan, i.e. the woman should do blah blah blah and in response the man should do blah blah blah. This kind of checklists only encourage conflicts between men and women as the weight tends to be put on one side. We’re talking matrimony here so I believe the fairest way is talk about both at the same time or else forget about it and cut the crap. This is sick…

  19. thank you sooo much for reminding me that i am actually a slave & servant to my husband, not an equal partner in my marriage.

  20. I found this article very helpful,its an advice given to those who pick interest if you don’t like it then you shouldn’t be criticising afterall there’s nothing offensive about it.

    • Ummah kalthum,Hannah,and fatma,first I send the best greeting(Asc Wrw),then will agree this isusse,thanks sister,but sister can you doing your hasband that above mention,I think sister you doing well

  21. I’m a religious man, and i find this to be a stupid list that does make us Muslims seem as though women are our slaves. My mother worked hard to please God and then my father, and she is appreciated by all of us, even though she didn’t have this “list”.
    Women are people too, and feel just as much as men do, and should be respected and treated fairly no matter their role in a relationship. They should not be some slave or “maid” for her man.


  23. Muslims for some reason think that the Western community is out to get them. I was a Muslim women until i Realized that it is a Cult based on HATE!!! They rant,,,, “God is Great”, think they are Superior than any other Race, Religion or culture. The Men are constantly bark orders at women as if there wife is a slave. I personally think it is a dangerous Religion and should be banned in all Countries except for the Middle East.

    Just my thoughts

  24. Subhannallah ex muslim. U got mixed up in d wrong thn nd def with d wrong ppl. There’s nothing more LOVING and peaceful as ISLAM. Astagfirulah

  25. i love my husband dearly alhamdulilah..his dreams are mine,i have done all this alhamdu..but am curious- can someone stay the same when your husband does not clearly love you after doing all the above and he has an afair/ 2nd marriage…it makes you feel WORTHLESS

  26. How is this article degrading women? These are some great ways for women to save their houses by being more patient and calm. no wonder you see so many divorced couples in non muslim countries! Islam creates a balance in our lives, alhamdulillah for this way of life which frees us women <3

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