love makes life beautiful

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By Pure Matrimony -

Author: Sabha



Love makes life beautiful. Love is blind. It makes life worth living. Additionally, it is the only emotion which will rock the world.  Love is life-altering. Love makes everything.  Above all, love is from God……. There are millions of love quotes. But some love quotes are worthful and worthless for an individual.

It is an emotion which should not be forced or bribed.  However, it is an emotion which should come from deep inside.

Other emotions like happiness, anger, sadness, fear, contempt, surprise, and disgust. All these emotions do not last for a longer period, and perhaps these emotions can be created and destroyed by others too.

But love is an emotion which stays for a longer period. This emotion can not fade away lucidly. It will require lots of time.

 In fact, love can happen in first sight, or it can take a longer period too. But it is the only emotion anyone can not force, and it is the only emotion which comes in our life without knowing to us.

Indeed, love is not a reward for your hard work or insults like Cinderella or any other Disney Princess. If someone wants to live with you and marry you, they will adore you. But if they dislike staying with you, you can not force them, but you have to accept.

When you are insulted, abused, abashed and dominated for your silly mistake that is not loving. Love is something which should not be hurtful. It is your life; you need to live in this world and wear your own shoes in your leg instead, of wearing other’s shoes. Constantly blaming someone and reacting like a slave is not love, but it is mental torture.

 Moreover, love is necessary, but only through love, you can not expect for a romantic life. Love is not only about romance. It is all about self-respect, equality, understanding, compassion and being honest and moreover, sacrificing. It is the meaning of beautiful love.

Cheating is not loved.

If someone is in love with you, they might not give unwanted excuses and run away. A person will make you as his/her top priority when he/she is in love with you.

When you make time to attract others, why do not you make your own time asking why am I doing this and is this person worthful for my life?

It should not bring jealousy and insecurity in a relationship. But when a person has jealousy and insecurity, you title them as a possessive or it is his/her true love which makes him/her possessive. Open your eyes and look and read into the eyes of the man/woman whom you love.

Being alone is not a life of sorrow, hardships, depression, boredom, saturated goals and spending time alone. You can love a person who is loving you ardently, but you can not love a person who is just using you like a paper bag.

How can you feel beautiful love?

First, love yourself, I’m not asking you to become a narcissist. But focus on yourself. Instead of being loved by someone else, be a loving person to you and others. That’s the beauty of love.

You need not act as a broken or pale person when you want to be in a relationship. Consequently, it is like a wind which can come in any direction. Only traumatic life cannot bring a beautiful life.

Love is independent and freedom, so make it your independence and freedom. Instead of being dependent and recessive.  Thus, it is not arduous. But love is unfettered.

Love is something which should come with no force or bribe. It should come with no force.



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