A friend can make or break your life

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 Does ‘Friendship’ enlighten or illuminate once life? Friendship for most people is a combination of affection, loyalty, love, respect, and trust. … True friendship is when someone knows you better than yourself and takes a position in your best interests in a crisis. Friendship goes beyond just sharing time together, and it is long-lasting. If you really want to succeed in your life, you will summon up with the best friends.

You take someone by surprise and then if you feel they are accurate and perfect friend where you can achieve your goal you will pursue them. We all are shrewd, selfish for our life. It depends on you to take a friend of your choice either by looking at their wealth, character, racism, chauvinism.

Does all friendship teach to “learn the hard way”?

It is hypothetical, you may attempt in success and in failure because of your friendship. A true friend is someone who truly ‘aids’, ‘esteems’, ‘dislodges’ and ‘tweedles’ you from the erroneous path. True friends are out of harm’s way, gallant, witty. Few might be garrulous, timid, calm, reserved etc.

Negative Friendship spoils your life.

  • your Confidence will be deprived,
  • your physical appearance will be destructed,
  • spending your time with family members,
  • your reality and dreams do not match…..etc.

These friends are contagious instead of changing your habits and routines you will follow their own track. You will conclude with the decision of your friends though it is irrelevant, the things which your friend is fond off will become your favorite, the spot or place where your friend like to spend will become your entertainment or relaxation place,  their attires, physical appearance, you will also follow the track of your friend.

  1. If your friend is aware of your Achilles heel, he might pick holes in demolishing you. Some friends are Tittle-Tattle, they might not disclose about their insecurities and hold up in their iron decision. They will attract you by revealing you with cozy, good warmth.
  2. You might look cool, handsome, beautiful, intellectual instead your friend might not have all these qualities. They will feel envy and ponder mistakes, mock at your physical appearance where you will be discouraged.
  3. Your friends might know about your family issues, either they will pour oil on the flames or torture you by blackmailing. They will attract you and soak your mind against your parents and siblings that they are partial.

Your friend will change your mindset either by encouraging you to the wrong path or by proving you are doing the right.

  • Figuring how out I could be of value to other people
  • Motivating you in drinking, smoking and flirting,
  • Involving in your personal matter,
  • Bring you down/hold you back,
  • Ridicule your ideas and efforts,
  • Convince you that everything you do is wrong,
  • Rally others against you,
  • Judge you for being different.
 Who is a true friend?

true friend is someone who guides you to the right path, invigorate you, help you when you are poor, advise you, support you, teach you morals, etc. A Muslim is a Mirror of other Muslim. They are many Hadiths on friendship.

  • “Keep the company of a believer only and let your food be eaten only by righteous.”TIRMIDHI
  • “If you wish to mention the fault of your friend, mention your faults first.” BUKHARI
  • “Your best friend is the one who: seeing him reminds you of Allah, speaking to him increases your knowledge, and his actions remind you of the hereafter.” AL-MUHASIBI.

Always remind yourself and your friend about the friendship of Prophet Muhammad sallahu Alayhi wa sallam and Abu Bakar Rathi Allahu anha. They had a great bond. When the Quarishi were against our Prophet, Abu Bakar Rathi Allahu Anha trusted him, during battles he aided him, he stood beside him when they were against enemies, traveled miles with him. He gave his young daughter Ayesha for our beloved Prophet though he was very old to her, and he also kissed our beloved prophet forehead.

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