A quick guide for Muslim parents on raising children

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By Pure Matrimony -

Author: Sabha

“Blind Obedience” is devastating for children. The main problem with parents is that they want their child to be the best in the way they fancied.

Seldom, few parents if they did not reach their aim of becoming a doctor, engineer etc they overpower their child. Either, from birth, they might be very austere with their education. Moreover, they decide the destiny of children. They decide which school, dress, friends, transport, college, work, and their spouse too, etc.

We can appreciate that parents do this because they want their child to be comfortable and not to grapple in his life. Parent’s would not have reached their aim because of financial status, wellness or family issues.

But some parents want their child to work hard so that they will be honoured and upheld in society. So they will not bother whether the child dislikes or adores. If their expectations on children are high definitely the child should pass.

This is entirely wrong. We can not impose our ideas on children. Allow them to do things in which they are interested. Few parents are very strict with their children that just blindly nod their head. They do not even give eye contact.

On the other hand, children might only be fond or more affectionated to a single parent. Do not share your financial issues with your children. Because they might lose their interest in the field of education.

Never raise your hand or abuse your children. Be friendly towards your children. If you want to examine what your child is watching or doing on mobile, just check in front of them. But do not spy. Because the child will dislike it, and the child might be more clever than you.

At the same time, do not pamper your child. Involve yourself in all the physical activities though it is small or big. If you are working parents do not spend your time only in work. You might feel that you are working for your child’s future, but the child is too innocent to accept this.

If your family members or generation is only doctors, engineers, businessman etc. Do not impose the same at your children. When you compare all the five fingers of your hand it is different but all the five fingers have its unique work.

If you are running a business and if it is at the topmost position, do not become greedy and expect your child to do the same.

Blind Obedience by parents is a major drawback. Because of this a child may not like to live with the family members but will spend most of the time with friends.

If a child is grown at a certain age do not beat them or yell at them. Even they deserve some respect. Do not complain about your child’s attitude or behaviour with your relatives or anyone.

Most often parents compare between siblings. Never ever do this mistake. though if it is a boy or girl. Treat them equally. If one child is active and smart, do not compare with the other child. Because siblings will feel comfortable to share their problems.

Do not involve yourself in all the decisions of your child. Give them idea and support. Let the child wear its own shoes.

If you have been treated by your parents in a strict manner, do not behave the same with your child too. Because of the world and it’s surrounding children might easily get frustrated.

Next, if you want your child to change or maintain silence in any circumstances. Do not say that so and so uncle or aunt will scold you or beat in simple words.

If you watch a little child doing something extraordinary in social media, do not call your child and make them watch and say that you wanted your child to do something like this.

This article might seem irrelevant to you, but in any case either you would have undergone these circumstances. Do not let this happen with your child too.

Jazakallah khairan.

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