Accept or Decline Polygamy?

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By Pure Matrimony -

Accept or Decline…

How do I accept polygamy? It is a question I had asked myself, as accepting polygamy is something I truly wanted to do. I think acceptance comes with acknowledging and believing that Allah says polygamy is permissible. If Allah says that it is then we should take no exception to it.

When we find ourselves in polygamy and it becomes a part of our lives, we must view it as something good even if people do wrong in it and hurt others. People do wrong and hurt others daily in many things in life. Does it mean that the thing is wrong and bad? For example, many people are “cheated” on and lied to in monogamous marriages. Does it mean monogamous marriages are bad, wrong and shouldn’t be permitted? Some people wrong others in business. Maybe they scam other, don’t give fair weight and measure, or embezzled money from the business. Does it mean business is wrong, is bad, and we should not allow it?

My closest Muslim friend had said to me, “Ana, you haven’t accepted your situation (polygamy) yet. I thought you would have accepted it by now.” He said my faith would be increased if I accepted it and I would drawer nearer to Allah. It made me wonder, how? How do I accept it?

I concluded that to accept polygamy would be to believe Allah knows what’s best for me and Allah decided this for me. Allah decided I would live a life of polygamy. When I began to think and believe the aforementioned, my life changed completely for the better. I became content with my life and I actually more often than not find myself happy in it.

Reading a post by one of polygamy 411 commentators, “Justme”, inspired me to write this article. She spoke of “acceptance” and it caused me to think further about the subject. I thank “Justme” for being a part of our family at polygamy 411, and for sharing with all of us there.


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  1. Accepting polygamy is like accepting Islam, wholeheartedly. In Islam marriage and polygamy is not only about sex and the wealth from inheritance and nafaqah. It is the fitrah of any women to be secure in marriage and polygamy means to them opening the gates of injustice to them and their own children.

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