Appearance are Deceptive

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By Pure Matrimony -

Author: sabha

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Does ‘beauty’ and ‘Fairness’ attract people?

Today’s generation nevertheless they give priority to their lives, accord priority for ‘Selfies’. With the innovation of technology, humans are obsessed. Makeup, different styles of wearing hijab, etc was the trend during 2005-2014. But now we have been so absorbed that even boys wax their body for removal of hair, various hairstyles and trim their eyebrows. We select the best filter which wholly adorns or prettifies.

Today’s youth instead of clutching the best mobile phones which have high storage downturn and get POP Camera phones which only worths for filter and best pics. According to Holy books and Chronology “Man” is the best of all creature due to these phones, we filter our half face with other animals and make wired expressions like dog letting out its tongue, cat, fairies, spectacles ………………..They are many apps in play store which is only meant to beautify and with filters. A girl or boy does not require any makeup or paint for their faces, Filter with the best Camera is enough.

Because of this many people are crooked, they misuse pics though they are dark, bald etc, but still they take the best filter and send for alliance, frame if the boy or girl is in abroad and they send all their pics only with filters and no one to probe about the physical appearance of boy since he is in abroad and only during the day of marriage or next day of marriage we know their absolute physical appearance.

Every girl and boy dream for having the best spouse but when the beans are spilt how bad it hurts, of course, we should not only look for physical appearances and only marry who is fair, tall, slim, medium, well-bred and etc. But why do you want to destroy or hurt the expectations of someone by faking your physical appearance? because of this lie or a fake picture, you will feel that you are extremely cheated and undergo depressions. Be who you are don’t change for others, and don’t fake others.

Though you nourish your spouse to the best level they will never forgive or like you because of your physical appearance, they will start hating you or feel jealous for other couples. Appearance is always Deceptive. So don’t judge a book by its cover. Never filter any photos of yours by thinking that you will only get the best spouse when you look attractive and stylish.

If you are fat, dark, bald, pimples, short etc. Do not hesitate or feel guilty because it was God who created us, be thankful and great that we have two to see, two hands to work, legs to walk, teeth to chew, ears to hear.,etc

The most relationship ends up by faking photos, according to the research girls and boys have faked their photos for 20 times, either by filtering or representing different religion, countries etc. In India, during engagement day they will expose a handsome boy or beautiful girl or the person in profile pic will not match.

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