Ashura – The Expiation Of The Previous Year’s Sins!

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The day of Ashura is the 10th day in the Islamic month of Muharram and marks a crucial event in prophetic history. The day of Ashura is the day that Allah SWT gave victory to Musa (AS) and his people and is also the day in which Pharaoh (Ramases the II) was drowned along with his people.

To thank Allah for the victory, Musa (AS) kept a fast, and thus, this is the reason why we fast this day too.  In a report narrated by Imam Muslim, the Jews said, “This is a great day, on which Allah saved Musa and his people, and drowned Pharaoh and his people.” Muslim also reported that the Prophet (saw) said, “Musa fasted on this day in thanksgiving to Allah, so we fast on this day.”

There are other amazing events which also happened on this day such as Allah SWT forgiving Adam (AS) and the ark of Nuh (AS) coming to rest on the mountain.

The Prophet SAW said:

“For fasting the day of ‘Ashura, I hope that Allah will accept it as expiation for the year that went before.”  [Muslim]

Fasting during the month of Muharram is from the sunnah, and the fast of Ashura is one that the Prophet SAW paid a lot of attention to. However, He SAW did not fast this in isolation, rather he would fast either the day before on the 9th of Muharram which is the day of Taasu’a, or a day after which is the 11th of Muharram to differ from the Jews who also fast the day of Ashura.

Therefore, make sure you fast the day of Ashura and the day preceding or after it to gain the reward of the expiation of the year before it!


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  1. Muhammad Awwal

    I so much appreciate the effort being done by the PureMatrimony group in uniting the Muslim Ummah with their respective good spouses. May Allah AzzaWaJal reward you people with Jannatul Firdaus. Amin!

    Muhammad Awwal from Nigeria.

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