TIP OF THE WEEK – Be Good To Your Brother

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By Pure Matrimony -

As conscious Muslims, our efforts in life should always be geared towards the hereafter.

‘Abd Allah b. Umar reported the Prophet (May peace be upon him) as saying :

A Muslim is a Muslim’s brother; he does not wrong him or abandon him. If anyone cares for his brother’s need, Allah will care for his need; if anyone removes his brother’s anxiety, Allah will remove from him one of the anxieties of the Day of Resurrection; and if anyone conceals a Muslim’s secret, Allah will conceal his secret on the Day of Resurrection.

(Bukhari, Muslim).

The hadith highlights the importance of not wronging someone and how being good to others will benefit us in the long run.  Allah promises to look after the person who looks after others. The good we do will be compensated specifically on the Day of Resurrection.

We should appreciate and not ignore the many opportunities that come our way in the form of someone needing help or someone needing his/her faults to be hidden – be it a family member, colleague, neighbour or someone completely random. Ultimately the person we are really helping is essentially ourselves.

Pure Matrimony Team

…because practice makes perfect.

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