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When it comes to marrying single fathers, sisters tend to be pretty open to the idea of marrying a man with kids in tow…

However, there’s lots of things you need to consider before you even BEGIN to think about finding someone.

So here’s 7 of our best tips to help you make that transition from being just a single father to being a complete family.

  1. Marry when you’re good and ready – Don’t marry because you feel you should – marry when you’re emotionally ready to get married and ready for the responsibility
  2. Don’t marry for company– Learn to be content with your own company first and foremost, rather than marrying in the hope that a woman will fill the emptiness. Happiness comes from within and not from other people. Learn to be happy before you commit or you’ll just be miserable and married!
  3. Have clear and realistic expectations – A wife is for life, not just because you ‘need’ a mother figure for your kids and someone to take care of the home. Men who marry women solely so they can take over the domestic stuff usually end up with deeply unfulfilled marriages
  4. Be prepared for broken hearts – Your future wife can never replace a mother’s love – especially if the mother of your children is actively involved in their life. Be prepared to have a lot of tantrums and broken hearts… and also be prepared to be emotionally available for your kids
  5. Women can come with their own baggage –  If she has children too, or come from a difficult relationship, then expect to have to deal with more than just your own kid’s tears
  6. There may be clashes – Bonding takes time, so don’t think everything is going to run like clockwork once you’re married. In fact, there may be many clashes between your wife and your kids and your kids could even hate her with a vengeance if they feel you’re trying to replace their mother… so be ready to deal with that!
  7. Do your istikhara and make a lot of dua! While marriage has many blessings, there are equally a lot of tests as well – so make sure you do things according to Allah’s laws and you’ll find His help when you need it most!

Last but not least, immerse yourself in being the best dad you can be for your kids and teach them kindness and the best of manners – it will go a long way in helping your future wife adjust in the home when the time comes.

If you found this post helpful, there’s more where that came from!

We’ve got a great interview discussing the ups and downs of being a single father, which we think you’ll love!

Head of Pure Matrimony Sister Arfa Saira Iqbal interviews single father Abu Yusuf where they discuss the challenges of being a single dad while trying to find a spouse.

This is a fantastic interview and one that’s highly recommended for you to listen to!

To listen to the interview, please click here: INTERVIEW

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