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The Untold Moments of Married Love

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Source: Prophet Muhammad(salAllahu alaihi wasallam) & Lady Aishah (radhiAllahu anha) By Majida Islam Khan We all have a certain image of lovers, a star-crossed pair, love at first sight,...

Before you say ‘I do’

Intercultural Marriages

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Source: Eyad Alnaslah, In Islam, the concept of diversity and tolerance is found many times in the Qur’an and hadith (records of the words of the Prophet ﷺ, peace be upon him). We...


Guarding Your Husband's Honor as a Muslim Wife

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Source : Most Muslim Women Are Careless About Their Primary Obligation to Protect Their Husband’s Honor. Traditionally, occupations such as cooking, sewing, fashion designing and interior decorating were considered...


A Wife

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Source : : ‘Advice to Husbands’ by Sheikh Abdullah Adhami A talk by Shaykh Abdullah Adhami By getting married you are not just getting a wife, you are getting...


Is Marriage Desirable in Islam?

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We find that in the Qur’aan Allah,, the Glorious, says, {And He it is Who has created man from water; then He has made for him blood relationship and marriage...


A Higher Ground for Our Marriages

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Source : : ‘ A Higher Ground for Our Marriages : by Imam Zaid By Imam Zaid In the literature discussing Futuwwa, which has been translated as Muslim chivalry,...


Break up to Make Up

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Source : Have A Break to Revive Your Marriage! By Huda Gamal Al-Deen Assistant Editor – Egypt for What is the ‘break’, is the break to maintain a...

Before you say ‘I do’

Marriage delayed

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Marriage, seems to be the topic people are tired of hearing about, yet want to continue talking about. I think this topic rose to fame and has remained a favorite...


Polygamy in Islam

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Polygamy in Islam There are people who know very little about Islam. But there is one thing many seem to know and that is a Muslim man can have four...