Celebrating 10 Years Of Pure Matrimony

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By Pure Matrimony -

10 Years, Alhmamdullilah:

Saying that we have completed 10 years is realising how incredibly blessed we are, Alhamdullilah. The opportunity these 10 years have given us, the chance to help Muslim ummah worldwide find their pure match. Being a ray of light for our practising Muslims brothers and sisters find a practising spouse. It’s a tough job!

Pure Matrimony’s Profound Impact:

It is only right to say that Pure Matrimony has been able to create a global impact worldwide throughout these blissful 10 years, Alhamdullilah. With a record of over 40,000+ successful marriages, 2,30,000 registered users, It has been a fulfilling journey, Alhamdulillah.

Pure Matrimony also has a follower base of 780,000 + online and not a day has passed by when we have not used it for spreading the true message of Islam. The very essence of this initiative was to help the Ummah complete half of their deen in a safe, halal and shariah compliant way. We believe it’s only possible to truly achieve this by marrying someone like-minded and actively seeking to build their akhirah.

The sole purpose of Pure Matrimony is to help our Muslim brothers and sisters in a time of need and that is what we have done in this global pandemic. We have been able to give out the charity of $75000, Alhamdullilah. And still giving out more every now and then.

A platform that is recommended by trusted and recommended by hundreds of Scholars and Islamic Institutions across the globe, we have a reputation to maintain and take care of at all times. And for that our fabulous team members are working round the clock to moderate over a million conversations, photos and profiles every day. Making sure that our user’s experience is worth their time and money. They get what they have signed up for – A practising Muslim Spouse.


To celebrate this fully we are carrying out a giveaway of 100 GBP for our Muslim brothers and sisters around the world.  Head over to our official Facebook page for more details.

To live a happy married life and complete half of their deen. We pray that the coming years bring even more success for us and our community and that we can help even more people get married and stay married – Aameen!


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