Certain Uncertainities

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By Pure Matrimony -
The mystery of not knowing what the future holds is at times frustrating, and at times exciting. Will my hopes be shattered? Will my excitement turn into disappointment, yet again? Will I really be happy? Will my long and at times exhausting search finally come to an end? The search of finding my “Mr. Right”—the right man to share my life with, to give my loyalty and trust, to dedicate my life to, and give my heart to. The one I will love for Allah’s sake, forgive when he makes mistakes, smile for when he looks at me. I sit here with a certain uncertainty, but I’m willing to take the risk, or shall I say the chance.
I’ve always heard that there’s a risk in taking chances. When it comes to marriage, the risk is things not working out. Maybe the person I married will not be what I was expecting, or even worse, we will not make each other happy. This is the great risk. But the chance is even greater. Maybe everything will be ok, or great! Maybe he will be the right one. Maybe he will be patient with me in difficult times; maybe this will be the person that brings out the best in me. Maybe, just maybe he will make me happy, so for this chance I’m willing to take the risk.
Isn’t life all about taking chances and risks? Our role in life is to try to make the best decisions. We must do the research, listen to people’s opinions, advices and suggestions, and we also have to listen to our hearts. What do you really want? What do you think is best for you? After all of the above is done, we must pray to Allah to lead us to the best of opportunities, and to make the best of decisions and choices. Then we say Tawakaltu A’lallah! And we move forward with our decision and hope for the best. As human beings we face making decisions and choices every day. Some are very easy and you don’t have to put any thought to it, and some are so difficult that you just wish someone else can make the decision for you. May Allah help us in our daily life struggles, making the best decisions, putting our faith and trust in Allah and always returning to Allah and repenting.

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