Correct Your Belief in Allah SWT

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One of the most critical beliefs in Islam is the belief that Allah SWT has control over ALL things. He SWT is the Absolute, the Sustainer and Provider of the entire Universe. Therefore, to suggest that goodness from the Earth such as rainfall, crops, fruits etc come as a result of anything other than Allah’s Divine Mercy upon us, is actually shirk.

On the authority of Zayd ibn Khalid al-Juhaniyy (may Allah be pleased with him), who said:

The Messenger of Allah (may the blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) led the morning prayer for us at al-Hudaybiyah following rainfall during the night. When the Prophet (may the blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) finished, he faced the people and said to them: “Do you know what your Lord has said?” They said: “Allah and his Messenger know best.” He said: “‘This morning one of my servants became a believer in Me and one a disbeliever. As for him who said: ‘We have been given rain by virtue of Allah and His mercy,’ that one is a believer in Me, a disbeliever in the stars (2); and as for him who said: ‘We have been given rain by such-and-such a star,’ that one is a disbeliever in Me, a believer in the star.

[Hadith Qudsi as related in Bukhari]

Having the correct belief in Allah SWT forms part of the first pillar of Islam. If your belief in Allah SWT is correct, then by Allah’s Mercy you will always be upon the truth. However, if your belief in Allah SWT is bent, then so too will your deen.

ALL Perfection, Glory, Might and Power belongs to Allah Most High, and everything which has ever existed will perish and be destroyed, expect Allah SWT. Therefore, make a commitment to learn about Allah SWT so you can worship Him correctly as well as knowing how to protect yourself from falling into shirk.

May Allah SWT grant us all the ability to believe in Him and have full trust (tawwakul) in Him without any shortcomings ameen.


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