COVID-19 and its outbreaks

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By Pure Matrimony -

Author: Sabha


It was probably three months ago before COVID-19 I was cursing 2020. Because the year did not begin with a journey I expected for, Being an Indian the only thing which thrived me was the CAB.

Thousands of Muslims were beaten brutally, and most of them were students. Police charges everywhere, violence, deaths, etc…

The protest started prevailing every day, thousands gathered everywhere and Cops were cruel that they smacked women who were doing a protest hastily.

Millions of Muslims were weeping. In the month of January, I was at cloud nine, because my sister was returning to India for her delivery. Unfortunately, she missed her flight, which was devastating for me because of the bad weather.

I got frustrated and started skimming the BBC app. The first news headline stated about Corona and its outbreak in Wuhan, China. I did not give much attention to that news.


 On 29th January, my sister came to India, and it brightened my day. My sister and niece were running in temperature, most probably I thought just because they had a long journey they are too sick. Suddenly one morning my mother got a call. The doctor investigated my mother on her journey.

Actually, she had a connecting flight from France CDG airport and she stayed in the airport for one whole day. During that time, the COVID-19 started infecting the people in Europe. So the doctor said,” Maybe COVID-19 had infected her. 

That day I felt like someone was stabbing me at my back. Later, I opened the BBC app and searched for the news on COVID-19. I confessed that the source of coronavirus is believed to be a “wet market” in Wuhan, which sold both dead and live animals, including fish and birds. I thoroughly read the symptoms of Corona and I was relieved that none of the symptoms was matching except fever. The fever was just an ordinary one. 

The Darkest Hour.

That day I agnised the agony and the lockdown of people. The terrible pain, sickness, lamenting of family members for the deceased, poverty, hunger.

The virus is so appalling that it has migrated to the divergent continents and seas like birds which migrate in flocks. It has shaken the world because of the deaths of the people.  Moreover, the virus also affected baron, legislators, and impoverished men.

Lockdowns, violence, breaking the windows, demand for the necessities, fall in economic resources, stock market crash, unemployment, the shutdown of schools and universities.

Prohibition on visiting holy places and travelling to the home town, public gatherings, maintaining distance with people,  private clinics shut, no health checkup for pregnant ladies, a fine amount for driving cars, waiting for an ambulance in case of emergency.

Demand for sanitizers, masks, hand wash, ventilators, etc…

How COVID-19 has affected people.

As many businessmen are at great loss and many factories being closed, the only app which is prevailing and running in success is Pure Matrimony.

The app is not affected by any virus. Allhumdulliah, it is due to kind-hearted and generous people and hard work of the team members in Pure Matrimony.

Though the world had exploded because of COVID-19 our PM team works really hard to support the members to find their pure match.

During this lockdown, the single practising Muslims would have realized how tedious it is to be alone. It is not money, which makes a man happy. This is a period to get emotionally attached to our loved ones.

Thousands of people have lost their families. Many would have lost their Fathers, Mothers, etc…Prophet Muhammad Sallahu Alahi wa Sallam married 10 women because they lost their husbands, he gave them life again; he nourished and swore upon them and took care of their chastity.

Few people who were living abroad did not have the chance to visit or to see the funeral of their loved one. On the other hand, many people could not take part in the funeral prayer of the deceased.


Perhaps it is the right time for single practising Muslims to search for their pure match. To help men and women who have lost their family members because of the awful virus.

Many boys and girls would have lost their parents so to console their hearts and to take them away from the depressing life, the sole help which we can do is offer them to be your partner.

Few people would have lost their spouses by leaving their children behind. Many would have lost their jobs too. To help these people to get back their merry life, please do download our app and find a pure match.

Additionally, the Pure Matrimony founder, a gentleman who has realised the circumstances has given a 40% discount to find the right match.

Make someone your better-half. Please be in haste and energetic to find a pure match, instead of being obsessed with your mobile phone in this lockdown period.

Your life is calling, death is not the only end. To the people who have lost your family members, calm down. 

May Allah strengthen the hearts of the people who have lost their loved ones. May Allah give us and bless this ummah with hail and healthy life.

In Shaa Allah,



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