Dealing With Depression – the Islamic perspective | Webinar

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By Pure Matrimony -

Author: Pure Matrimony

We’ve all been there. That immense feeling of sadness that threatens to swallow you up into a giant black hole of hopelessness. That feeling of being the loneliest person in the world even when surrounded by people. That empty, empty feeling in your heart.

You think you can’t talk to anyone about how you feel as they won’t understand. But chances are, the stranger sitting next to you is feeling the exact same way. Are we just being ungrateful in our lives, or is there a real explanation for why we feel this way?

In this webinar presented by Sheikh Musleh Khan, we discuss depression from an Islamic perspective. Based on only 5 verses of the Qur’an (Surah Hijr verses 95-99), we discover the ultimate cure to depression. By analysing the complex structure of each sentence, Sheikh Musleh explains in depth the message of hope, positivity and self belief that Allah SWT sends to all of his creation. We guarantee you’ll be blown away…

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4 Comments to Dealing With Depression – the Islamic perspective | Webinar

  1. MashaAllah tabarakaAllah. Just one thing to point up for improvement inshaAllah which is the audio. It was quite disturbing to focus listening with that kinda sound. Khayr.

    May Allah reward and accept your efforts and good deeds. Ameen.

    Jazakumullahu khayran.

    • Pure Matrimony Admin- Umm Khan

      Aameen to you duas and JazakAllahu khairan for the beautiful feedback. We will definitely improve the sound quality next time. Apologies for the inconvenience.

  2. Islam is the complete code of life. There is nothing that is not explained in Islam. We have to follow & concerned Quran & Sunnah for each & every problem in our lives. Be optimistic & believe Allah SWT in every difficult & sorrowful situations.

  3. khadijah naseer

    Sawwwrwb…I look fwd to learning how best to cope and deal with my depression and boredom .tanx in anticipation

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