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Author: Zohra Sarwari


As a Muslim woman I have noticed that many of us have dreams to do more; many of us want to do things; many of us think about doing things, but few of us actually do them. This is a message to all the Muslims who are stuck between dreaming and achieving their goals. For example, you want to spend less when you shop; you know that there are millions of people dying all over the world, and you want to cut down on shopping, and send more money to your family overseas, or even the poor. You have the heart to do it and you’re aware that even having the intention to do it is a good deed alhamdulillaah, but somehow, you can’t seem to make this happen. Whenever you want to send money, you realize you don’t have much in the bank to do it, so you don’t do it. Then you look at your account statement and realize that almost all the things you purchased were necessities; some things you could live without, but most of them, you really needed. How can you change this cycle and make a difference like you really want to?

  1. Purify your intention; that you want to do this for the sake of Allaah (SWT). This alone will help you achieve your goals. Always clarify your intention.
  1. Read isthikhara before making any purchases. This will help you decide whether purchasing this product will be good for you or not in terms of this life and the next.
  1. Look at your bank statement and highlight where you’re spending money that you could use else where. For example, eating out costs $50.00; maybe you could eat at home, and send that $50.00 a month to a better cause. When you look at it this way next time before you go out to eat, you will enjoy eating your dinner better that night at home, insha’Allaah.
  1. Pay them first when you get paid; set up a standing order/direct debit so a regular amount is sent to the charity of your choice every month. For example $40.00, to help with an orphan on the 5th of every month. This way it is like a bill and you have to pay them, insha’Allaah.

Insha’Allaah these tips have increased your awareness as to what you can do. Most of the time the problem isn’t that we don’t know what to do; the problem is DOING it. My dear sister/brother, it is time that you change that intention to ACTION! Just make it happen, insha’Allaah. For each good action you take you will see the fruits of it on the Day of Judgment insha’Allaah.

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