Do we have enough deeds to enter Jannah

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By Pure Matrimony -

Author: Sabha


We all are happy, enthusiastic about our worldly life. We all might pray five times a day. Some may pray on time, but few may not. Few may repent for their sins and beg for Allah’s forgiveness. Seldom, people might not cry much in front of others. But when they are alone, they may lament.

In the busy schedule of these worldly affairs, charging the team, taking care of the family, working and honing hard for the people’s expectations, etc but we hardly remember one thing that one thing is nothing but the death.

How many of us remember about our death, think how cruel is the death, the painful sakarathul mauth, the blue and green angels of the death,  the grave which will crush our ribs, the darkness of the grave, the punishments of the grave.

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How many of us have lost our parents, siblings, uncle, aunt, cousins, grandparents, friends, husband, wife, children, etc? Did everyone die in the same way, the same spot, the same age or the same background?

What three things will follow a deceased person?

When a person dies, the body is ready for the burial. So during that time, three things follow a dead person. They are his/her family, wealth and the deeds (good or bad) both are accountable.

Till the way to the graveyard, all the three things follow a dead person. But 2 things return and 1 remain. Family and wealth will return. It can not help or give a lavish grave. Neither they will bury other people with the deceased.

The only thing accountable thing is the Deeds of the deceased. The angels recorded his/ her good and bad sins. If this person has committed so many bad sins, the grave will crush his ribs, the poisonous venom, the darkest place, the angels of death, the question and answer, the foul smell, the way they pull the soul out.

But if he/she has committed a huge number of good deeds, his/her punishments will be less. The grave will squeeze the person’s ribs only for one time, the light and fragrance of Jannah will reach him/her in the grave.

This world is not a permanent place:

How much ever we struggle for this world, work hard for having a posh life, maintain a great bond with the relations will never help.

If a person who has great wealth but does not have mercy, helping nature,  filled with pride, attitude will never smell the fragrance of Jannah too.

If a person who maintained a relationship only with the bigshots and frowned at poor and did not spend their money on Charity and penniless people. The punishment will be severe for them.


Be humble, good, show courtesy to any people irrespective of their wealth, religion, race, etc…

Help and get blessings from people instead of the curses.

Prepare for Duniya and Akhirah on one hand.

Because you might not know when is your turn!!!

So try to do as many good deeds as possible.



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