Expectations in the relationship

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By Pure Matrimony -

Author: Sabha


Relationships are like seeds. They have to be nurtured and developed. Expectations are like weeds. They grow on their accord. When enough investment goes into the building of a relationship, the expectations in that relationship can be managed.

 When a relationship is left neglected, then the expectations in that relationship shake the very roots of the relationship. Our problem is growing expectations in stagnant relationships.

In a relationship where there is a substantial emotional reserve. Mistakes will be tolerated and forgiven. The meaning will be understood even when communication is inadequate.  Your intentions will be appreciated even if you’re short in your actions.

 The relationship will be good because you are considered good.  You are considered good because of the things you have made to build the emotional reserves in that relationship.

Life and Relationship:

If you are happy in life right now, it’s not because everything about your life is alright. But because a relationship that really matters to you the most is going great.

If you are unhappy in life, it’s not because everything about your life is going wrong. But because a relationship that really matters to you the most is going great.

What relationship needs?

Expectations continue to rise, but the investments needed to build the relationship are made with the same continuity. In such a scenario, you might hold an offender for every word you speak. Every move of yours will be judged. Verbal battles and slammed doors will become regular occurrences. Your actions will never be appreciated, and your intentions are respected.

As a relationship is like walking on a minefield-it blow up any time and many times. 

Relationships have to be nurtured with the investment of quality time. Make your love visible by being expressive and demonstrative.



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