I Don’t Think I’ll Ever Go For Hajj…

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Today I heard someone say that they didn’t think Allah would ever invite them for Hajj and had all but given up on the idea. The young man who said this was what I like to call ‘a victim of not believing enough’ in Allah’s Mercy and ability to Give. I can relate, because a long time ago, I was guilty of this too!

Despairing of Allah’s Mercy is a sign of two things: weak imaan and not understanding who Allah is.  It took me a long time to recognize that the One who created the heavens and the Earth and all that’s in it, can do anything. Allah is the All-Powerful and Most Bounteous – He doesn’t tire of giving us what we want when we are sincere.

In fact, when you place your full trust in Allah and make sincere dua and understand that HE has power over EVERYTHING, your whole perspective on life changes. Allah SWT is the Compellor, meaning nothing and no-one can overcome Him or have any power over Him. This shift in thinking changes your relationship with Allah SWT completely.

You begin to understand that nothing is impossible for the one who created everything. In fact, when you sincerely make dua to your Lord Most High, He will reorder the entire Universe in YOUR favor to make it happen. I should know, because I went for Hajj when no one in the world would have said it was possible for me to go!

It’s simply not true to say that Allah will not take you for Hajj or invite you. If you are sincere in wanting to go and you ask Allah with ALL your heart in sujood and make lots of dua, your dua will not go unanswered. Trust in your Creator – your job is to ask and be sincere and take action where you can (for example, start saving now!), but it’s Allah’s job to make it happen!

I’m LIVING proof that when you intend and make dua, Allah is the One who removes all obstacles and all roadblocks. We are limited, Allah is not. I went for Hajj at a time in my life when every person on the planet would have said I would never be able to go. I had demanding and difficult in-laws, a 3-year-old and a difficult husband. Blessed be Allah, Lord of the Worlds and Knower of the Hearts – within 11 months of me making the sincere intention to go, I went with my parents and my sister.

I didn’t even have the money – but I was steadfast in making dua, and subhan’Allah, the money kept showing up! Once from a pension overpayment, another from a savings account I totally forgot about. Another from a tax rebate. Another from a bonus at work. In the end, I managed to buy my ticket and get my visa. It was a miracle that came from none other than Allah.

Two days before going, I only had a total of £90 to spend during the Hajj – but I was quietly confident that because Allah SWT had brought me this far, He would not allow me to struggle at the last hurdle. The night before I left, I had £600 in my hands to spend on the 33 days I would be there – all from monetary gifts given to me by family. I was overwhelmed and overjoyed at how my Lord had taken care of me!

The truth is that Allah is Al-Kareem (the Most Generous), and when you place your trust in Him fully, He opens doors for you where you never thought possible. It’s our job to understand our role as servants of Allah, but in doing so, you must also recognize that Allah is the King of Kings.

You don’t go to the King and ask for a penny. You ask for whatever you want and it’s His job to give it to you. The only thing you need to do is trust in Him, keeping making sincere dua and take action towards what you want. Allah doesn’t allow your hard work to go to waste, but neither does He want you to be lazy and complacent either – so you have to do your bit too!

When you understand that Allah is the Most Giving and the Most Generous to His creation, the balance of power shifts in your favour. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that whatever mess is going on in your life, you’ll eventually get out of it better and stronger with Allah by your side.

Tests and trials are NORMAL for the believer and to be expected. But we don’t despair of His Mercy which is totally complete. Instead, we place our trust in Him to do the right thing for us, because only He knows what is good for us. When you do that, you are placing trust in the One who has power over the entire universe and beyond. Nothing is impossible for Him, so we should never ever limit Allah with our limited thinking.

As for my Hajj, it was the best experience of my life bar none – and I’ve done a fair bit of traveling!

May Allah SWT take us all to His blessed house for Hajj repeatedly AMEEN!



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  1. Thank you for sharing your story Sister! What a beautiful and eye-opening experience you went through. Your story should get others to realize that Allah has control in everything and he is listening. We are just humans that don’t understand how much Allah has given us. May Allah bless everyone through their time of needs. AMEEN!

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