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I love Allah. I cover for Allah. I pray to Allah. I obey for Allah. I am not perfect, but I try for Allah. I repent to Allah. I seek the pleasure of Allah and hope to enter Paradise through the mercy of Allah.

And when I have trouble doing these things, I think of my daughter and seek the boost that I need. It is not to say that Allah is not enough for me; He is all I want and need in this life. It is simply to admit that I am human and accept that I need a reminder every now and then to do what I know is right, to obey the commands of my Lord. And my daughter is the reminder, the encouragement, and the lift that I need.

When I get lazy with prayer, I remember that one day it will be fard on my daughter to pray. How else will she know not to miss a prayer if I do not set that example for her? I want my daughter to grow up in an environment where she sees her mother bow down before Allah with gratitude and humility. I want my daughter to know that we worship none but Allah and seek only His approval. I bow before Allah and I hope that one day my daughter will do the same, insha’Allah.

When I get tired with my hijab or start to feel “ugly” in it, I remember that one day my daughter will reach the age where she wants to look beautiful. She will reach the age where she will go to school or the mall and she will be surrounded by girls in skirts and short-sleeves with their hair flowing behind them. I want her to know that covering does not make you ugly. I want her to feel beautiful and confident, knowing that Allah is pleased with her. How can I expect my daughter to love modesty and the hijab if I become lazy with it? I cover for Allah and I hope that one day my daughter will do the same, insha’Allah.

I make mistakes. I am far from perfect and sometimes my sins overtake me, so much so, that I feel helpless and hopeless. But I have to remember that I must never lose hope in Allah. My Lord is All Forgiving and All Merciful. I know that my daughter will not be perfect, though I wish she could be. I know that my daughter will make mistakes. But I never want her to feel that Allah has abandoned her or will not forgive her sins. I have faith in Allah and repent to Him and I hope that one day my daughter will know the importance of repentance as well, insha’Allah.

First and foremost for Allah, for my daughter and for myself, I believe in the power and oneness of Allah ta’ala. Insha’Allah one day, I will enter Paradise and I hope that my daughter will do the same. Ameen.


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