Forced marriages: Is it permissible to force one's daughter to marry someone she is not pleased with?

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Answer: Her father cannot force her, nor can her mother force her to marry even if the both of them (i.e. mother and father) are pleased with his practice of the religion.

Shaykh `Abdur-Rahmaan as-Sa`dee

Al Majmoo’ah As-Sa’diyah vol. 7 p 349

5 Comments to Forced marriages: Is it permissible to force one's daughter to marry someone she is not pleased with?

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  2. lot of parent will do that.Forced us to marriage someone they like.But, what if our parent did agre with our choice? if we are still marriage, they wont blessing us, so it same that the parent forced us to marriage with someone they like, not we like. the parent blessing is Allah blessing too, right? so what we gonna do about that?

  3. Im a revert muslim and my partner and i wish to marry but his family are from Pakistan and may refuse him to marry me. I am muslim and muslim can marry muslim. But the problem i beleive is that i am mixed white and black revert with child from previous life (before i revert to Islam) and my partner is from Pakistan. I was practice Islam before i meet online with my partner this was not influenced and we both been now together for 6 months. We wish to be halal for each other but his family will wish him to marry someone else if they find out about my child and about me being revert and about me being mixed race and they want him someone of his own origin. Is this allowed in Islam if his parents refuse me can he still marry me or no and what do i do then will i always have to be alone. Please help me out as i dont know all

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