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By Pure Matrimony -

Ramadan is a time when you exert yourself in worship, and for the believer, a true test of his faith is that he continues the good deeds thereafter. One such way to do this is to complete 6 fasts in the month of Shawwal, as the Prophet SAW said:

“Whoever fasts Ramadan and follows it with six days from Shawwal it is as if they fasted the entire year.”

(Sahih Muslim)

The Prophet SAW explained this when he said: “Whoever fasts for six days after (Eid) al-Fitr has completed the year: (whoever does a good deed (hasanah) will have ten hasanah like it).”

According to another hadith the Prophet SAW said: “Allaah has made for each hasanah ten like it, so a month is like fasting ten months, and fasting six days (in Shawwal) completes the year.” (al-Nisaa’i and Ibn Maajah)

May Allah accept it from us ameen!


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