Guideline for divorced parents

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Author: Sabha


All marriages do not have a happy ending. Seldom, they are cases in which couples split or get divorced. Either, because of their lack of sensibility, financial status, or family issues, ditching, or dominance of gender upon one sex.

Most of the divorce takes place after a mother gives birth to a child. Some are not patient enough and commit suicide. Some straight away, leave their spouse.

On the other hand, they are some people who have a great tolerance level. They might not divorce because of children.

But children are not blind to understand the situations of family. Children are highly intellectual than parents.

The psychological effects of divorce on children are many:

On the contrary, children before divorce might be affectionate and nourished by both father and mother. Seldom, a child might be close to the paternal or maternal side.

But after divorce, either the child will miss their grandparents or lose the bonding of relations. A child might be pampered and deeply committed to any relative, but after divorce, it will be impossible.

His/her friends might abuse or mock a child in schools, etc, for which he/she might be depressed.

If it is a boy child, he might grow wild with the opposite sex. If it is a girl, she will dislike the opposite gender or she might feel unsafe.

A toddler will crave for love. A child in high school might undergo depression. Teens are likely to experience distress, anger, anxiety. An adolescent will experience a stubborn or aggressive attitude.

In most cases, a child who is not 18 or not matured enough, will miss his/her father. Because of the law. A mother might be the best person she can give her abundant love. But a father’s love is different when compared to a mother’s love.

If a mother is not financially well off, a child will prefer to live with his/her father. Because of this sudden isolation, it might confuse children to choose.

Some children might feel that they are the reason for divorce. Few might struggle because they can not stay permanently. But they are some children who will blame one parent.

Single parent handling after getting divorced:

After divorce, usually, the mother’s take care of the child. So if the mother is not financially well off, she has to work. Because of this, she might not pay equal attention to her child. A child, in this case, might feel less affectionate or less supportive.

Without fathers, again it is hectic. They might lose their bond and will not remain in great change.

A child who is a single-handled will face the toughest and vigorous part of his life. A child will move to a new atmosphere, school, lack of friendship, feel abashed.

It will affect a child’s academic character and mental health.

Change with the new relationship:

If a father or a mother wants a new life because of finance or to nurse child passions, they might start a new life. Love is blind to new couples.

But a child might feel like, what he or she is doing. Will he/she split me from my mom/dad? They can not get that instant love.

They might weep for no reason. Additionally, they might also plan to break the relationship. They will turn very sensitive to the new parent.

Again, it might cause jealousy and possessiveness in a child because of stepbrothers or stepsisters. At any stage, a parent might support or give a little extra care to his/her child.

Either his/her friends might bully them, through which they will have vengeance. So children are very important. Give them equal love and care!!


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