Habits to Make a Successful Marriage

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By Pure Matrimony -

Author: Amal Rohail

Have you ever paused for a moment to think that why is it that only a few of the many people have amazing relationships? You might like the idea to think that “they got lucky”. But let me just burst that bubble for you and allow you to acknowledge that working out well in a marriage needs some work in order to have an amazing marriage. But, unfortunately, more often than not we don’t have an idea what to work on.
Co-habiting couples breaking up at the rate of 60-70% is a big number to ponder upon. And not only on the percentage but on the reasons why.

Be Curious, Not Critical

It helps you get over the blockade stone of frustration of being uninformed or lacking a piece of significant information. So invest your time to understand the difference of winds instead of criticizing blatantly on them.

Be Careful, Not Crushing

It is about the effectiveness of conflict resolution and a significant way to achieve a salutary state of problem-solving. It may take you back to the moments when you acted being “me-centered” rather than being “us-centered”. Being considerate of carefulness enables you to learn how to work together, argue together, and other things that require togetherness.

Ask, Don’t Assume

To avoid mistrust and disrespect – that often creeps into relationships – you must not develop the situation in your mind according to your judgment but you should see it as it really is by asking about it from your partner.

Connect, before you correct

Communication is a key to every successful marriage on Earth – we still lack information about the other planets though – which can make life both a living hell or heaven. You need to learn how to hold back that insatiable need to give our so-called constructive feedback which engenders disrespect as an ultimate outcome. People go where they feel welcomed but they stay where they feel valued. Thus, in order to keep it going understand the essence.

You hear petrifying tragedies every now and then. But what you do not observe is the lack of willingness to “work out”. It may have various degrees of realities underneath but all it takes is one good start and a will to adhere to that goodness throughout.

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