Haram Relationships

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By Pure Matrimony -

Author: Salman Faheem

Source: Salman Faheem

I wonder how people claim to be in love with each other and it astonishes and baffles me even more when they claim it to be true and pure.I wonder how people have become certain about their lives as if they know when they’re going to die or for how long are they going to live.It intrigues me when people stay in a haram relationship on the pretext of marrying the same person later on in their life.How do you know brothers and sisters?How do you know that this relationship will turn into nothing but marriage and how do you know that you’ll breathe enough to make it happen.What if you die in between?I am worried how people have started loving the creation and forgot about the Creator.I wonder how when this world that we are living in is going to end sooner or later and yet we claim our relationships,our haram relationships to last forever.


How is your love true and pure when every moment you talk and text each other is bringing you and her closer to Jahannam,even the Salam that you convey to each other is hollow and is nothing but a big irony and joke.Every moment that you two are spending together is incurring Allah’s wrath upon both of you and if it were Allah’s will,He would have caught you at that very moment but He doesn’t.He keeps loosening the rope.It starts from gazing at each other which turns into formal conversation and subsequently to calling and texting and ultimately to becoming over obsessed with each other.Allah loosens the rope and days turn into months and years and you continue to be in a Haraam relationship and disobey Allah with every breath of yours.


But not always dear brothers and sisters,not always.One of these days Allah will pull the rope,you won’t have time to think or introspect or even repent.Think of your life and the relationship that you are claiming to be true and pure,what if you die in this state,how will you be dealt with Allah in His court.In his court my dear brothers and sisters,in his court we will have no argument to put forward.We vociferously justified our relationship in Dunya with impunity but when we shall stand before our Rabb,we would be silent and mumb.We wont be able to blame anyone on that day dear brothers and sisters,neither society nor friends,nobody.The blame on that day will be solely our’s and we will do nothing but accept it.


Islam is such a practical religion my friends,Allah made us with His very own Hands.He has given us traits and one such trait is to love and be compassionate towards others.Why do you think Allah placed a heart in our chests,it is natural to be attracted to beauty or character of someone but that doesn’t gives us right to disobey Allah and follow our nafs and the footsteps of shaitan.As a muslim it is our first and foremost duty to stop ourselves from acting on our whims and desires.Islam means to subdue our will,our desires,our likes and dislikes before Allah.Don’t you think that being in a relationship violates that very innate essence of Islam.Don’t you think that by being in a relationship we break the first and foremost law of being a muslim.A muslim is a person who is submissive to Allah and not to his carnal desires.Can we choose a person before Allah,how can we choose to disobey him for the sake of love which by the way is anything but true and pure.


We are weak and impatient and we are always in a hurry,this Allah mentions in sevaral places in the Holy Quran.Why do you think Allah calls us weak and impatient because He knows our mechanism,we are His machines,He designed us and He knows what is good and what is bad for us.Dear brothers and sisters if you were to fall in love,let it be with Allah.He would never ever break your hearts like the world does.Believe me when I say this,if you fall in love with Allah, He will bring someone in your life who’ll love you more than anybody would ever do in this world.But that requires patience and self control and Allah always stands with those who are patient.
Being in the twenty first century when everything is right on our mobile screens,it is difficult to resist temptations and it is even more difficult to stay away from Fitnah and evil.It is difficult but not Impossible brothers and sisters,not when Allah is on our side.


Can we even remotely choose for ourselves anything better than what Allah will choose for us?We know the answer yet we try so hard to deny it.Adam(AS) didn’t choose Eve,it was Allah who gave her to him.Allah has created everything in pairs,the sun and the moon,the night and the days,life and death and so has he created us in pairs.He has written in our destiny our companion and we can try anything but in the end we will live,spend our lives with the one whom Allah has decreed upon us.We have to be loyal to Allah and ask from Him what we want,be it love.Saying that I would also like to say that there are several halal ways to find love.Islam says that if you admire a person and his/her qualities and if that person shares the same faith as yours then you can get married through halal means.Pure matrimony is one such website which helps in that cause and I hope there are several others too.It is but our intentions that matter the most and Allah knows our intentions even before we had them in the first place.


May Allah protect us all from such haram relationships and may Allah bless us all with a pious,beautiful and peaceful companionship.


Salman Faheem

10 Comments to Haram Relationships

  1. what if i like someone (not in any sort of relationship), can i tell our parents that i want to marry that guy? is it haram? give me ur advise

    • Pure Matrimony Admin

      There is nothing wrong in telling your parents you like someone as long as you are 100% certain you want to marry this person and that you do NOT do any kind of haram with them

  2. 3 years ago I met this guy through social media. I had no idea that I was going to fall in love with him, as time got on I fell in love with him, not really knowing how much he meant to me. Not knowing that he was depressed, suicidal, a smoker, he also drinks, not knowing any onc this until I felt deeply in love. All I wanted to do was to help people/ save a persons life. Later on my parents found out and they were really mad. But he respected me and loved me so much that I believed that I will never find a guy like that again. I got so attached to him subconsciously that I felt his presence even when he isn’t really there. A few months later after my parents found out we spoke again. Until we broke up. His last words were “I loved you, I love you and I will always love you”. I just really believe that we can fix this, I just can’t live with myself knowing that from one moment to the next he might take his life. I just feel responsible. On the good side he is a Muslim and I know I will spend the rest of my life trying to save him. By the way he moved back to Algeria.

  3. I have a question .. i m a girl and i love a girl is this haram in islam ? Or if it is we can only have a kiss ? I can’t live without her …

    • Arfa Jamal

      This is totally haram. Make sincere dua to Allah to help you and seek guidance from a good Sheikh or Imam.

  4. Assalamu Alaykum sister monia,That’s how a guy who loved me so much,today I left him and his last words where u r special to me n will forever be,I love u n I’ll continue to love you Even if you hate me….I had to leave Him because I feel guilty all the time because I’m not sincere to my parents and above all My Lord, I’m striving to be a better person, today as I take my step to begin a new life ….I have nothing to say but Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah I’m 18 now my parents want me to marry at 20 so I’ve time to set my relationship with Allah and be New,You should also do the same if he dies His life is in the hands of Allah, just give him some advice and leave Him,after all I see no reason why a Muslim who believes in Allah and beloved Muhammad peace be upon him to be depressed, I’m happy deep down in my heart that Allah chose me to be a Muslim and today is like a new me…..just somehow Sad How his family felt about me,They love me a lot ……..but I had to leave,My parents don’t know of it neither does my religion approve of boyfriend and Girlfriend relationship.
    Monia,Be Happy and move on.Give Him advice and pray for Him like a sister does for her fellow Muslim brothers and sisters And keep it simple. It is the system of Allah that He rewards with something better .

    love ALLAH please ALLAH alone n you’ll NeVer Ever be lost.

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