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Author: Sabha


Hijab is an Arabic word meaning barrier or partition. In Islam, however, it has a broader meaning. It is the principle of modesty. It includes behaviour as well as dress for both males and females. The most visible form of hijab is the head covering. Hijab, however, goes beyond the headscarf.

Why is it mandatory to wear a cloak?

In this world, Muslim woman alone wears hijab as their trademark. Moreover, we can say that it is the identity of a Muslim woman. A woman in Islam does not wear’s hijab because it is inescapable in religion. But, she wears it as Allah has commanded. Hijab is not only a barrier. Furthermore, it acts as a defender. A defender from Malocchio.

Malocchio is the ugliest thing in this world. Besides, it can murder, depress a person. On the contrary, women are always prepossessing.  So Islam has given a tool for Muslim women. To safeguard them from evil eyes.

Allah says in the Quran: Man’s being created in toil means that man in this world has not been created to enjoy himself and live a life of ease and comfort. But the world for him is a place of enduring and undergoing toil, labour and hardship.

On the other hand, man is very weak. Man cannot control his naffs[ his sensation]. He will be easily attracted to prepossessing ladies. Generally, men are possessive to their ladies. Instead of being possessive. A man should ensure that his lady is safe and wears hijab.

The Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam ( may Allah exalt his mention )said: “The woman is ‘Awrah (i.e. should not be exposed). If she goes out of her house, the devil looks at her and beautifies her in the eyes of men.”[Al-Bazzaar and At-Tirmithi]. Though man is not interested still the whisper of shaytan attracts him.

What is the focal purpose of a veil?

When we go shopping to buy eatables. For instance, we are shocked to see none of the fruits and vegetables has skin. All the fruits and vegetables have rotten, house flies here and there. Will we buy that fruit?

On the other hand, the fruits shop is known for its brand. But still, the fruits don’t have their skin. Will you buy?

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Instead, if the fruits are contained, nicely chopped into pieces and packed. Though it is not organically grown. But we will prefer it. Because of its outer appearance and freshness attracts us.

Similarly, is the Hijab. Hijab is the main attraction for a Muslim woman. The fruit and vegetable above mention is an example for hijab. If you are not covered in hijab you will be covered with shaytans evil thought. Though you wear hijab if it’s not proper like being too stylish and bun at your head like a camel hump. It’s completely prohibited.

Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu  `alayhi  wa  sallam ( may  Allah exalt his mention ) said: “There are two types of the people of Hell whom I have not seen: […] and women who will be dressed but appear to be naked, inviting to evil; and they themselves will be inclined to it. Their heads will appear like the humps of camels inclined to one side. They will not enter Paradise and they will not smell its fragrance, which could be smelled from such-and-such a distance.”[Muslim].

Today’s hijab

Some men after marriage want their wives to be modern. They asked them not to wear the cloak at first. Allow them to wear their veil.

Besides, they are some men who dominate their wives to wear the niqab. According to hadiths, you should not expose your physical appearance. But if the fitnah is created in the place because of your face at that time it is obligatory. Forcing someone for anything is restricted in Islam.

Today in youtube they exist many videos on how to wear stylish hijab, etc. Avoid all those video sisters. Make hijab as guidance for paradise. But don’t lead your path for hellfire.

Jazakallah khairan.

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