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No other time in the history of man has it been so easy to speak ill of your fellow Muslims in public. As an Ummah, we’re guilty of taking a back seat, watching and even encouraging others destroy the characters of fellow Muslims publicly on places like Facebook and Twitter.

Here’s an amazing hadith to remember next time you see or hear of this happening:

Abu Ad-Darda reported: The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Whoever defends the honor of his brother, then Allah will protect his face from the Hellfire on the Day of Resurrection.”


You can defend your brother by making excuses for them, reminding others to fear Allah, and also advising others in private. Also if someone is bad-mouthing a person you know in front of you, tell them to stop backbiting and if they don’t stop, then choose to walk away.

May Allah SWT make us united as an Ummah to defend one another’s honour ameen.


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