How can a matrimonial website where members are left to communicate in Private be Halal?

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By Pure Matrimony -

This is quite a good question.

Firstly, Pure Matrimony is a website only for Practising people and we make this clear from our homepage.  We actively screen profiles to ensure only the right candidates join the site and also we partner with Islamic organisations and institutes to ensure we reach out to the right audience.

Secondly, we encourage all sisters who join the website to also on registration provide their wali details.  We then allow the sister’s wali to be copied in real time into each message therefore ensuring the third person is present in each message.

What if a sister doesn’t have a wali?  Well, if she has, or doesn’t have a wali, we at Pure Matrimony ensure each message exchanged on this website has a third person appointed from the Pure Matrimony team.  It can be seen visibly from the following image how we make this clear in each message exchanged.

As well as this, there are many other features we have incorporated into the site that ensure the website is kept pure and clean.  Feel free to check it out at and let us know your feedback here.

23 Comments to How can a matrimonial website where members are left to communicate in Private be Halal?

  1. habib adeem

    This website is really a pure matrimony site for practising muslims. jazak allah khar for admin of pure matrimony.

  2. Jazakallahu khairan dear admin at Pure Matrimony. May Allah swt bless you with Jannah for providing this service.

  3. aini sheikh

    i have a question….. that, is this halal unknown and opposite gender people do chat with each other on net or on cell???

  4. Fauzia David

    aslm.alkm! this web mashallah is different from the other webs,i visted many web b4 coming across this one,according 2the islamic rules this web needs alots of credits from all of us,the
    secured site,i my self feel secured here&wthout going behold the limits in islam&the taqwa of Allah wth me&all members i come across wth them-puting in mind that no one is perfect except Allah S w t) ,We pray that we seek what is good through the guidence of Allah&people,
    I hav nothing 2say or 2do,to repay the Ihsan this web is doing to all those who fear Allah and willing 2do what is right in islam,
    May Allah the almighty shower his continuos blessing 2all who made this possible for us&May he enter them janah-tul fidaus!

  5. Shazia Kazi

    My name is Shazia Zia Kazi.Am married and happily SettIed.
    I have a question for you Brother/Sister, My Aunties in law (my husband’s Khala) are in mid forty, never married and we are looking for a decent and religious family for them.We tried alot for them but something or the other came up n things didnt work our way.
    I want to know the procedure of filling the form to enter this matrimony and how does it work?


  6. I have a question about marriage and divorce in Islam. Is the divorce valid if the husband divorces you in anger? Is it valid if you don’t accept it? Is it valid if you do not have a wali or anyone to speak for you and your husbands family does not try to get the couple to reconcile first? Can your husband ban you from the house? If you ask for forgiveness does you husband have to accept if your willing to change. Does your husband have the right to divorce you if you took a picture with another man and drank a glass of champagne. Help just trying to save my marriage. I was not born Muslim but try everyday and I love my husband but feel I have no support in reconciling. I do not want to be divorced for Ramadan and am very sorry for my actions/

    • AssalamuAlaikum! I decided to reply as u r a revert to islam and i feel its my duty. Ur husband has every right to divorce u if u did wat u did, BUT, ur husband has to say ‘Talaaq’ (divorce) three times, and there has to be some time between these three proclamations. ( i think a gap of 1 month) Just comprehend how much Allah loves u, tat Allah decided to show u the truth about Islam. U R indeed lucky and hav earned Allah’s love. ALLAH is there and Allah wil never treat u unfairly. I hope and pray that u reconcile, and it is for reconciliation that Islam has prescribed a time gap between the proclamation of talaaq. How beautiful! So ur husband has not divorced u yet. It is not valid. U hav to live together and if he still wil not reconcile he can say talaaq again, and still liv together. Only after the 3rd proclamation divorce is finalized. Talk to ur husband, inshaallah he wil not leave u if u truly love him. Remember Allah’s love for you. Allah will never treat you unfairly. If u need any help, email me on

    • hmmm….how did things go? if you did get divorced try to find a more supportive Muslim brother next time. Islam is beautiful but esp in our very non-Muslim Western styled society it can be challenging both for born Muslims and reverts to be sufficiently immersed in the remembrance of Allah to adhere 100% to the ideals of Islam. I’m a woman and a revert but if I were a man married to a woman who slipped up in that way, trust me, I would not see that as a reason for divorce. I know there must be more to this situation than you would have briefly shared on this website. But one of the things that disappoints me most about our ummah today is our tendency to adhere to the letter of the law and not the spirit of the law. Worse yet there is a high degree of hypocrisy and power imbalance in favour of men. The entire ummah expects more of women than of men. Sad situation. Much love to you. Read and study Pickthall’s translation of the Quran, you’ll find it most comforting. May Allah swt guide and forgive us all. Allah’s laws when followed allow our lives to be more peaceful and beautiful so come to an understanding of your religion and don’t let the stupidity of so many Muslims repel you from Islam. Sorry to come accross like that but I’m trying to be real and honest.

    • Dear Sister Leila, If you want to ask for fatwa or advice, Please go to the nearset mosque and ask the Imam. Ask someone who is trustworthy not anyone on the net, because I do not agree with the brother who says that the talak is not valid because the husband should say it 3 times. This is not right. One time is valid, but if the husband was angry now it may not be valid but in that case Islam oblige the husband to so some things so as you can live again in Halal. Please ask and an Imam or shiekh to be sure of what are you doing.
      I wish you read more about Islam and become a good muslima.
      I wish you all the best

  7. glenda Lenderman

    Salaam/ Peace: I am divorced, therefore, I don’t need a Wali. If people are able to arrange marriages, then I believe marriage sites are a modern halal way of arranging a marriage. It is up to the people involved to conduct themselves in a halal way, just as they would in any other situation. I have not met anyone on this site as of yet. It appears in Islam that men my age, 50 are encouraged to marry young women and procreate even though they most likely have all ready have done so in another marriage. This leaves the sisters of our age with husbands in their 70’s (our grandfather’s age who on death’s door) or no husband at all.) The Imams and Sheiks, and speakers need to address the brothers in this area and tell them they don’t need to marry sisters half their age. There are so many sisters who are heartbroken in in their 40’s 50’s who would love to marry again, but cannot find a husband because they are looking for the sisters in their 20’s and 30’s. Salaam

  8. salama aleikum,
    may allah s.w bless to founders of this web, well am 24 years old and am looking for a God fearing man even if he is recently converted am willy to teach and share the little deen i know , some people may say ur young u can look for aguy for ur self, but i dont harram dating , my dream is to have apractising moslem family inshallah

  9. JazakAllah Khairan Katheerah! may Allah swt grant the brothers & sisters @ purematrimony Jannatul Firdaus in the Akhirah insha’Allah!

  10. Salam,

    I have this question, that the person who I am potentially going to marry I need to ask them a question in private and I also need to inform them something in private, is this islamically allowed?

    jazak Allah Khair 🙂

  11. Asrar Ahmed

    Salam alaikum warahmatullah,
    Just wanted to say that this is the best Islamic matrimony site that I’ve ever come across, it really is ‘pure’ as its name suggests. Although not as many members as some other sites, but atleast all the members here are genuine and not scammers nor do they have fake profiles. Inshallah I really hope that this site grows bigger with alot more proper practising muslim brothers and sisters seeking for marriage and inshallah I hope we all do find our desired spouses soon. Ameen.
    Jazakalallah khair.

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