How can a woman achieve her goal?

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Author: Sabha

What is the main disadvantage of being a woman?

The drawback of a woman is her physical appearance. Is it?. The main drawback of a woman [does not has freedom as men have]. Irrespective of any caste, religion, country, colour, etc women’s face the same dilemma. Moreover for her safety, she has been a parasite of men.  Similarly, being a woman is not her fear alone but fear of family members too. Basically parents are terror-stricken if their daughters don’t return home early.

On the one hand, we find a woman surpassed by men in any latitude of life. Sometimes, she is treated like a maid. Perhaps, the same way mother teaches her daughter to be and on whole women undergo a cycle reaction.

What happens to a woman without a mahram?

A woman without a mahram, has no security of her life. Either, financially or morally. She can be effortlessly fooled by her relations or surrounding people. If the girl’s mother is sick or meets with any trauma at midnight it’s difficult for a girl to handle the situation. A woman to reach higher position can’t work the whole day and return home late as men.

Though, with all her grapple if she comes up, she will feel aloof. If she has succeeded in her business life but her personal life will be full of sorrow. This is common between both genders. But man can be easy-going than a woman.

Who are the 4 great people for a woman?

According to today’s generation, girls feel like they want their happiness by themselves. They don’t want to be a parasite of man any longer. They believe happiness should be received on their own because it is their life. Moreover, they have all rights of independence as men have.

That’s not wrong since the world and surrounding are like that. If a woman wants something to be done for her life just leave her to do. Because they believe in freedom. A woman is stronger than man both physically and mentally. Just for the support, it does not mean that you can dominate her as much as you want and at the end say just as a concern.

Role of Father

A woman who has a great father is compared as though she was born with a silver spoon. A great father with kindness, understanding and love. Apart from this if he gives respect and gives a higher position to the females of the house. Especially he should not raise his voice or hand in front of relations or even at house, abusive language. He should work hard only for the sake of his family. Saves something for his children, educate, buys gifts and anything for them and at last get them married.

Role of Brother

A woman with a good brother is said to have a lavish life. A brother can stand as her pillar. Though if a woman does not have a father. Her blood[ brother] will be respected as great as a father. If a brother is older to girl still he does not has the right to raise a hand or abusive language.

If the brother is giving her liberty and does not change his role even after marriage. He is great. Sometimes if a sister is divorced or widowed she turns to her brother and the brother should care her a lot. Obviously he can’t manage both his family and sister family but if he still takes care because of the love. Indeed he is rewarded. Misunderstanding by his wife too and small ups and downs but still brothers should care their sister.

Role of husband

Husbands play a critical, crucial, far-reaching, meaningful, necessary, etc. Because she leaves her family where she was born and brought up. Sometimes a woman changes streets, areas, state, country and continents too after marriage. She should adapt to another new life with new people different thinking. A marriage life where different attitude, tastes and cautious life.

The words and attitude of her should be very careful. Because she is completely reliant on him. She will prefer to spend lots of time and keep her husband happy. Each and everything she does in her life she will feel like getting time from her husband. He should be very supportive of anything she does and motivates her skills especially if she is pursuing her degree.

The main thing she will accept from her husband is appreciation on silly things too. A life where she will accept only dignity, freedom, love, time to spend. No comparison and harassment. Furthermore, a husband should not use abusive language or beat. In addition, a husband should not listen to the mother’s gossip or unnecessary blaming or other evil thought. Besides husband should never be doubtful or too possessive on his wife. He should not force his wife for… and for children too.

Role of son

After husband’s death, a widowed woman is a dependant on her son both financially and physically. As a son, he should be very careful in the choice of words and action and not be harsh.  Moreover, after marriage, if they are so many conflicts between mother and daughter-in-law as a male he should solve it, perhaps should try to balance. But should not blame or yell at mother or even wife.

Support for a single person is always bad. Or he should shut his mouth and ask them to solve problems within them. Apart from this if he tries for a nuclear family too he should keep his mother at surrounding and often visit her. Not only visiting but should make her happy by gifting, roaming, etc.

If these four men are strong in women’s life she will be definitely at cloud nine and achieve all her goals. A malfunction of any one of the men, a woman will never enjoy her life. Either it might be her early childhood or after marriage or her teens, etc.


The Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.), addressing the Muslims on the occasion of the Farewell Pilgrimage, warned them against the values which he feared would be neglected after him, and referred to a woman as one of the important issues about whom he said:

Observe your duty to Allah in respect to the women, and treat them well”.


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