How does shaytan stop off or adds storm in a teacup?

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How does shaytan stop off or adds storm in a teacup?
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After two periods of the wedding, the couples might feel very comfortable without any disturbance, interruption of elders or youngers, brawl, and they will begin them with daily groove.

The first act of shaytan:

Wife wants her husband to earn well have a lavish and good atmosphere. She wants her generation to be protected. As well as to have the best shopping.

On one hand, the husband earns well and tries to get promoted to the next level. But the wife on other hands thinks that her husband does not want to turn up so early to home. Because she feels that she is nagging him, the view of the husband and wife is contrasting.

Sceptical and grasping power:

The couples always want and deserve to be honest. There is a feast where both people are invited, the husband does not want her wife face to be painted. He asks her to be clean and elementary. But she thinks in another way that she solely looks beautiful without makeup. Finally, she just turns up wearing good attire, very simple and elegant.

But in the feast, the wife gets so nervous by looking at other women. On the contrary, she will feel discouraged because of the dress and paints on other women face.

Every minute she will frown at her husband and blabbers slowly at his ears. Moreover, she will look suspiciously at her husband. If the husband by omission looks at the other woman this will result in mayhem.


The husband wants her wife also to earn until they settle and get a new house for them. If the wife does not get a work which does not match her core too, the husband nags her to get into that field. The wife should cook, clean, and at the same time, she should nurse her in-laws and care them gently. She should not work in the IT field and women will react as feminist.

Husband will feel that he is physically and mentally superior to his wife. So she should oblige him. JUXTAPOSITION is another concern, the husband will start comparing his wife with another baroness. Women’s inferior complex is that she should look mist glamorous in front of her hubby. Possessiveness is very common among girls. If the husband compares her with another woman either she will get depressed or break down.

Educational, Financial Status:

If the husband belongs to the upper class and wife belongs to the lower class. The in-laws will curb their daughter-in-law. They will permit the girl to visit their parent’s house only once in a blue moon. The husband will be soo law-abiding. Correspondingly if the wife belongs to the upper class she will show her attitude, only blend with husband and ignore their in-laws.

Sometimes it so happens that they bring their son-in-law to their mansion and invest him in their business. If the wife is highly educated and well-bred the ego clashes begin if the husband is less qualified. The wife feels less dignified because of satiric behaviour, parents or friend they pour oil on the flames.


I heard this in a sermon, once Prophet Muhammad sallahu Alayhi wa sallam visited Ayesha Radhi Allahu anha because it was her turn. After she slept, Muhammad sallahu Alayhi wa sallam left her home soon. Ayesha Radhi Allahu anha woke up and she was so spooked and capsized that though it’s her turn still he is visiting other wives.

She followed him and saw that he visited graves and prayed for them. But our beloved prophet knew that his wife followed him because she was breathing so fast. The humble prophet did not yell or abused her. In fact, patiently he told her the purpose of visiting the grave and not cheating her. Hearing this she wept so badly and asked for the forgiveness. Our beloved prophet smiled and asked her to sleep on his lap.

This is the example for couples, just adjust within yourself. Do not geet adjust to this environment. This world corrupted our minds so badly. Try to adjust within yourself and solve any situations within you. Then take that matter to others ear but do not gossip or give a chance for others to speak ill about you.


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