How should a wife behave with her husband?

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Author: Sabha


Who is a wife?. A married woman considered with her spouse. Further, a wife is someone who is an official partner. A wife is someone where you can cross the line, etc. Moreover, a wife is not compelled to hijab in front of her husband. A wife can change the character of a husband.

 How should a wife behave with her husband?

 A wife after marriage wants her husband to spend more time with her. Roaming outside, praising her, etc.

  • If the husband spends more time in work and returns home lately. She should not yell at him
  • A wife should not check her husband’s phone without his knowledge.
  • She should not spend more time in her mother’s home.
  • Besides, she should not ask her husband’s compliment always.
  • As soon as the husband enters the home, she should not yell at him.
  • Next, she should not spend time in shopping.
  • A wife should not force her hubby for anything.
  • Too much of possessiveness should be avoided.
  • She should not praise other men.
  • Maintaining distance with other men should be maintained.
  • A wife should not come home and work.


  • She should attend her husband’s call.
  • Similarly, she should look as beautiful she can.
  • On the other hand, she should not blast her husband.
  • She should not fast without her husband’s permission except fastings of Ramadan.
  • A wife should not force her husband for money.
  • Equally, she should not force her husband to mingle with her family members.
  • She should be very much obliging to her husband.
  • At any rate, if the husband is an orphan, she should treat him as her son.
  • She should cook well and serve husband with happiness.
  • Sometimes, she should also present gifts for him.

The way the wives of Prophet Muhammad Sallahu Alayhi wa Sallam

  • Furthermore, she should care for her husband very much. Both physically and mentally. Khadijah Rathi Allahu anha used to consoled prophet Muhammad Sallahu Alayhi wa sallam after cave Heera’s incident. She used to cover him with a cloth. Put a wet cloth on his forehead. She kept her hand on his chest and consoled him.
  • Ayesha Rathi Allahu anha kept water ready for Prophet Muhammad sallahu Alayhi wa sallam to ablution.

Jazakallah khairan.

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