How to be the best role models for your kids?

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Author: Sabha


Who are children? A child is a natural offspring of a partner. Though a child belongs to one sex physically. But a child is merged with both the parents quality. A child is someone who does not have any maturity. They follow what parents do. On the other hand, we can say that a child is like our shadow. But how can we be the best role models?

Every child is born without any knowledge of anything. But a child will have an impact on what he learned in the womb. According to the Quran and Science, it is proved that child growth starts from 4th month. So during this period, doctors advise the conceived ladies to be very careful. Because this month with any accidents will lead to miscarriage or during delivery.

Similarly, during this time, a mother can do the various job. Doctors encourage them to get involved in any activities. So many mothers involve themselves in swimming class, learn something new, etc.

Do you want to be a role model?

The first step for the best parenting :

As a mother if you want your son or daughter to be pious can follow this:

  • Pray as many as much as you can and on time.
  • Prostrate for a long time if you can.
  • Read the Quran regularly.
  • Avoid watching movies which do not give you any morals.
  • Avoid listening to very loud music.
  • Watch movies which give a moral because it will leave an impact on you and your child.
  • Listen to nasheeds and bayans.
  • Try to give as much as the charity you can.
  • Tilwah of Quran is very important.
  • Control your temper.
  • Do not backbite or gossip.
  • Be socially helpful to others.
  • Do as much as dhikr.
  • Usage of foul language never.
  • Make sure even your husband does not use any foul language.
  • Kindness and patience must be practised.
  • Do not raise your voice and fight.
  • Recite daily duas loudly.
  • Avoid cellphones and evils of worldly life.
  • Read as much as books you can.
  • Be close to your husband.
  • Once, he comes home to offer prayer.
  • Be happy always, laugh to your husband and smile at everyone.
  • Visit Masjids.
  • Memorize verses from the holy Quran.
  • Memorize the names of Allah.
  • Memorize hadeeths and Rabanas too.

 Can I be the best role model?

Second step:

Once the child is born recite Adhan. Name the infant with a very good name. See to that the name has good meaning. Avoid fashionable names. Because even names impact a child’s behaviour.

 Things you need to do

  • It is mentioned in one of the hadeeths that teach a child up to 7 years. So till age 7 teach your child as much as you can. Because that is the age where the child’s memory is very sharp and intellect. That’s a period where a child will learn more and it will stay permanent.
  • Motivate your child to learn and be friendly to others.
  • Explore the world to your child teach your child that Allah created this and that.
  • Make sure you eat properly with your child.
  • Teach your child everyday duas.
  • Only download stories of Prophets and related to your child’s education.
  • Surround your child with your relations too.
  • Teach your child both good and bad of this world.
  • If fathers are at home, be sure to take your kid to the masjid.
  • It is recommended that both parents pray in front of their kids.
  • Parents must teach the Quran.
  • Try to explain a hadeeth per day.

 Things which you should not do:

  • Do not cross the line in front of your kids. Make sure your privacy is personal.
  •  Though the world is full of fitnah, do not keep your child house arrested.
  • If your child is very adamant and naughty never give your mobile phones.
  • Never make your child think that you are superior to them than God.
  • Avoid watching, listening to televisions and music in front of your child.
  • If you are a working parent don’t encourage your child with youtube videos.
  • Don’t get things which your child asks after watching online videos.
  •  Moreover, never fight in front of your kid.
  •  Similarly, do not make your child affectionated only to a single parent.
  • Do not discourage your relations in front off your child.

                                          Jazakallah khairan.

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