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By Pure Matrimony -

Author: Alex J. Stevenson


It is very common to feel lonely after a breakup. However, the one thing I want you to be assured of is that you are not alone. There are thousands of people out there who are also suffering from infidelity, soul-crushing heartbreaks, and breakups. Lots of people experience breakups in their lives. Some become stronger after these and other become weaker. I want you to be stronger after your breakup.

A breakup is a sure clue that you were not in the best relationship for you. You just might have not want to be single at that time. Now, the breakup has given you the best opportunity to find the kind of the relationship you always dreamed of.

Here are some tips you don’t want to lose if you are feeling lonely after a breakup.

1) See the bigger picture

First, I want you to think about any distressing, unexpected moment in your life. Did you feel that your life was coming to an end? Did you think that you won’t be able to get out of that situation?

If so, what happened, then? You got yourself out of that awful moment of your life. And this is the proof that you can get out of this situation, too.

Think about your scenario, it could have worse. I know that you are probably suffering a lot from the breakup, and you think that you are the only person who is getting such a trouble. But when you see people who are struggling from bigger problems, your perspective of life will soon change.

2) Change your views about your situation

I am quite sure that you have heard the ‘glass half-full or half-empty’ story somewhere. Different people see the world from their different perspectives.

Having a positive perspective towards life is a million dollar habit. We can’t control every problem we get in life. However, we can have a positive perspective towards it.

Are you feeling alone because you feel like you lost something?

Can you see the positive aspect of this situation?

There is always the bright side:

You can spend more time for yourself positive thinking
You have time to reflect and grow
You practiced communication and connection
You might even still have them as a friend
You have a better understandings of what you want from a relationship
You better understand which type of partner you don’t want for a relationship
Having a good perspective towards life’s challenges is a good habit. Always remember that you are not alone while facing a breakup.

There are lots of people who are facing breakups and many worse problems than breakups. Knowing this fact is the single best solution to kill your loneliness.


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  1. I was married at the age of 18 and divorced at the age of 19 with a son, at the time I felt my life was over and how was I going to cope, on the other hand I had a son and I had to change my life around and live for him. He was a blessing in my life within time I educated myself graduated bought 2 properties became financially stable, alhumdillah Allah has given me wealth a lovely son and a new life which I am blessed with, I have been divorced for 16 years now hasn’t been easy but I can see how I have grown as a person kismaat is written, and destiny is what you make with your hands. I think every divorced person can be strong can achieve an aim in life only if you don’t leave hope and have faith in Allah he always listens to your prayers and will answer them with time. I am proud to be divorced because I have given my son a life full of love and happiness which I couldn’t have if I didn’t walk out.

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