How to improve the quality of the relationship?

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Author: Sabha


To improve the quality of the relationship, one has to delay in his/her anger, either by ignoring or forgiving.

It’s normal between the couples to control their temper during the arguments. Because of this conversation, we might use some abusive words or speak in a manner which might hurt or insult the other one.

Instead of giving negative emotions, you can hold back your words and stop giving back answers or remain silent, giving no expressions.

This is the best way to have a healthy and quality relationship. 

Comparing your relationship with other relationships is atrocious. It will probably develop unrealistic expectations as you want to achieve an impossible level of expectations.

This is your life so you have to live, do not be a parasite.

Instead of blaming your partner and believing that it was not your fault for any mistakes will break the level of understanding and it creates lots of confusion and leads to arguments.

So avoid arguments and focus on your goals, ignore if your partner nags you. Just focus on your life.

Looking back at the past, and complain about the spouse for the sin they have committed. Forgive them or ignore.


How should I improve the quality of my relationship?

Forgiving or ignoring someone is laborious. Especially words hurt a person to the core. Words spoken in anger leaves wounds that never heal.

You probably know that you need to let go of all that anger and resentment, but it’s hard in practice.

 A question like, How do I forgive? Or how can I forgive? How to erase or wipe those words from my mind? Will constantly repeat in our minds.

A person who is ignoring you requires from you to be ignored, perhaps even you need to ignore that person.

So you need not want to worry about that person because that person does not care about you.

Either ignoring or forgiving one can maintain a quality relationship.



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