How to tackle suspicious relationship?

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By Pure Matrimony -

Author: Sabha


 A relationship may cause many flaws. Without flaws, a relationship can not be successful. Some couples face it boldly, adjust, but few do not control their rage and end up in disaster.

It does not mean that couples should be happy with no fights 24*7. Love and trust are basic for a healthy relationship.

Without love, couples might just lead a robotic life and without trust, couples might be very ‘jealous’ and ‘possessive’.

Trust and love are like a flower. Excessive usage of water will deteriorate off the richness of the soil, and no water will ruin the flower too.

So too much of fights will end up either by ruining, deteriorating your relationship. Furthermore, it will deteriorate off the love and little affection.

Why is my relationship suspicious?

Today most of the couples do not spend time with each other. They do not express their love or be romantic to their partners.

The first reason is work.  Today couples want to have a lavish life with no struggles. They want anything and everything they want. Moreover, they feel unprivileged to ask for money to their spouse for each and everything. 

If both partners are working. It is good. Because a partner does not want to nag to his/her spouse for money. 

But if both husband and wife work. There are many consequences that they should face. Either with their shifts, timings.

All partner calls each other baby, darling, honey, sweetheart, etc. But do they call them wholeheartedly or have they habituated by using those terms?

On the other hand, they waste lots of time on social media or pastimes. A husband might sit at home and play games, whereas a wife will hurry for shopping or parlour with her friends.

If couples do not spend time mutually, how will they recognise each other? 

So here come two nuclear bombs which destroy a relationship.

Jealous and Possessiveness- 2 nuclear bombs in a relationship.

Jealous and possessiveness are two nuclear bombs which damage a relationship. In the meantime, it causes loads of vengeance. 

If a boy is smarter than a girl who is just tolerable. She might feel very possessive, she will notice every inch of her husband move. If the husband turns late home, she might feel that her husband is having another relationship.

Similarly, if the girl is very attractive with excellent features, the husband might feel jealous. He might not let her adorable to other people. In fact, he will not concentrate on driving, but on her.

If both spend more time on the phone where they by mistake change their gestures. But will feel suspicious. Seldom, if a partner is using a phone, the other partner will sleep, stand or sit in a way where he/she can see the phone. 

Because of this, few couples might feel why is he/she loiters. If they catch you when you are checking your partner phone in his/her absence. He/she might blast.

As a result, the biggest flaw in the relationship suspicion emerges.

Suspicious on your partner:

A couple might fight as much as they can. Either with finance or mental stress, etc. But do not let suspicion enter your relationship.

 Because, if there is so much suspicion in a relationship. Though how much ever he/she does to make them happy. They will be still suspicious.

Moreover, he/she might undergo depression or frustrated.

How to tackle:

  • First, spend time with each other. Be as close as you can.
  • Do not trust anyone until or unless you have seen with your naked eyes.
  • Do not talk or chat in the other room where your spouse is absent.
  • Spend little time on the phone.
  • Avoid being jealous.
  • Show your love and concern.
  • Abandon your stress when you are alone.
  • Present a gift to anyone, anything in front of your partner.
  • Though you have planned to go out with your best friend who is the opposite gender, take your partner also with you.
  • Write your thoughts.
  • Take a deep breath and relax.
  • Talk to your partner and clarity.
  • At last, consult a doctor.

Jazakallahu Khairan.


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