Is female population diminishing?

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Author: Sabha


Allah the Almighty and Omnipotent is the creator of the whole Universe. Among his best creations are humans. The first Man to be created by Allah was Adam Alayhi wa sallam and his wife Huwa Alayhi wa sallam. They had two sons Qabil and Habil.

Yakub Alayhi wa sallam was gifted again with eleven sons, Nuh Alayhi wa sallam had one son, Lut Alayhi wa sallam had one son and a daughter too. Ibrahim Alayhi wa sallam after soo many years had two sons. Our great Prophet Muhammad sallahu Alayhi wa sallam was blessed with two sons but they did not survive much longer, because God did want his sons to follow a monarchy rule.

Boys an investment and Girls a liability.

Just because girls are weak, attractive, timid, above all they can’t run a family as a male does. The only wish of parents is to have a hale, wealthy and handsome son. Though he is not handsome, fair etc, after all, they are males so they are superior and don’t require any moral characters or physical appearance. So stubborn are family members too have only sons.

When it is sons to tie a knot however the girl is, you make him get married. In addition, Dowry plays a major role. Because of these reasons they prefer male children. According to the research, female feticide is on a massive scale. Similarly, supermarkets, small cottage industries and orphanages are populated by teenage girls. Clerk, maids, massoos and cooks are women above the age of 20.

Female Population:

According to stats, the female population is depleting. Though they are many slogans, committee, etc. In many popular countries and places were big shots live, there is a sharp drop in the female population. Because they need only a male heir. The population has been decreased by 40%. In the educational field, girls are highly qualified.

But the strength of girls in urban areas are less, though girls are brainy. Above all, the strength of girls for hafiz and aalims has decreased. Parents are no more ready to send their girls to Masjid. The strength and number of girls in the orphanage has increased by 30%.

If the population of the female is decreasing, how can a man marry a woman?. They are also many cases where the husband abandons, whip and punch their wives for abortion of female feticide. Furthermore, in-laws play a major role in these problems. Due to which either the mother aborts her child or she sacrifices her life.

Sometimes, even sisters-in-law don’t treat the bride well. They want their dominancy and superiority to be proved and Nagg their brothers, parents since they are mercilessly treated by their in-laws. This should be abandoned by relations. The favourite of shaytan is to break the relationship.

How girls are reacting?

Today girls believe for freedom and love. So they want to be independent. The level of tolerance and patience is no more. Easily, they try to break relationship with a divorce. Sometimes they go to an extent before marriage they try to run away from home and be aloof. They want their lavish life and start earning since they dont want to be dependent on husbands salary. Not all girls want to work it’s their circumstances and surrounding which changes them.

If a girl is turning as a feminist and shows her vengence it is because she was planted like that. Every woman has a girly nature with her. So it depends on the way they are treated. Women have both ends. Their innocence and possessiveness. Respect woman because our religion proves and gave high status to them with great ranking.  In conclusion, Allah has revealed a surah on a woman[Nisa -4] but no surahs on man.

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