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By Pure Matrimony -

The blessed month of Ramadan has now officially left us – so the question remains thus: how exactly do you avoid being a ‘Ramadan Muslim’ and keep the Ramadan feeling going all year round? After all, it’s hard to maintain the same level of devotion outside Ramadan due to family and work commitments…

But there is a way to do this quite easily. Here’s how:

  • If you haven’t done so already, establish qiyaam or tahajjud – it’s as easy as waking 15 minutes before Fajr and offering at LEAST 2 rakahs during this beautiful time
  • Making constant istigfhar during the day whenever you can – this takes no effort at all and is one of the easiest way to seek Allah’s forgiveness and mercy
  • Try and pray the 12 sunnahs of the 5 daily prayers – that’s 2 before Fajr, 4 before and 2 after zhur, 2 at magrib and 2 at Isha
  • Avoid listening to music and listen to the Quran instead! This is an EASY way to maximize your reward and to help and assist in memorizing the various surahs of the Quran
  • Read the Quran daily – even if it is only one page. Remember if you make the Quran your companion in this life, it will become your companion in the next life
  • Set aside at least a couple of hours a week to learn the tafseer of the Quran – with so many resources available online, it’s not that hard!
  • Fast on Mondays and Thursdays and also on the 13th, 14th and 15th of each month as was the sunnah of the Prophet SAW. Not only is it good for you, but it disciplines you and your character!
  • Show the same generosity all year round to charities and those in need. Remember – Allah loves deeds which are done consistently. So sponsor an orphan or set up regular monthly giving to charity and Insha’Allah Allah will increase you!

There are of course many other things you can do, but these are very doable and the rewards are tremendous Insha’Allah!

May Allah SWT give us all the ability to remain steadfast and strong in the deen ameen!

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