A Lesson to The Tech Savvy Teenage Generation: “Children Should Be Children”

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By Pure Matrimony -

Author: Sana Sarwar

Source: www.aaila.org

How cliché, I know. A phrase which I’m sure every mother or disapproving aunt has said or uttered under her breath. Yet frankly it remains a highly valuable piece of advice which every child tends to remain oblivious to. As a young Muslimah, having experienced the plight of every child to gain status and meaning in the world, by trying to act more like an adult, namely by the excessive use of technology. I can honestly say this act will ruin your childhood.

Making you miss out on an extremely priceless time of your life being a child. A time where you can explore and engage with the world around you. Things such as social media, gaming devices and being fixated on the television, should be done in moderation. Therefore if you find your life orientated around technology, you should be worried. Due to the fact that at a young age you should not be found so absorbed by technology, that you loose sight of your youth and innocence. For the reason that when you get older you will find yourself immersed in technology, so much so, you will actually get sick of it. As you will find yourself longing for the days when you could simply go and ride your bike in the park on a hot summer’s day enjoying an ice-cream.

My mother always says ‘everything comes with time’, and the truth is she was absolutely correct. Only when I had actually become an adult and gained responsibility did I understand her wise words. I suddenly had an epiphany the real fun was not in becoming an adult, but remaining a child. Having an ardent curiosity and sense of innocence with the need for adventure. As I have only come to realize the fun experienced when you are a child, gaining an opportunity of making lasting memories. Due to the fact children are far more excited over the simplest of things such as going to the zoo. Whereas adults would find this far more boring and tedious.

Board games, outdoor sport or simply a hike in the countryside. These are things that should not go understated as I can promise you active activities such as these are the ones that are the most enjoyable, and can even make you a brain box. An example being games such as drafts or chess, or if that sounds too old school for you what about scrabble and the family favourite monopoly. Games like these will never become old-fashioned, whereas technology is forever changing with new gaming devices coming out each year. Moreover excessive use of such technology can actually cause health issues such as poor eyesight.

An element of your childhood is relying on your parents, and that should not be an issue as it is perfectly normal. Therefore, trying to act independent and act like an adult using social media is a complete waste of time. Since you should be using your childhood productively exploring, going on adventures with your parents and retaining your innocence.

But I’m not a child anymore; I’m a teenager, a young adult?

Yes, the days when you were a fan of the odd cartoon character have probably passed. Nonetheless, it is paramount you do not give into the idea of growing up fast, because I can personally say you will regret it. So long as you are not working and preoccupied with responsibility and still attending school, you should not become a consumer of technology. Who later on in life will reminisce on the days when you could enjoy a trip to the park.

Consequently it must be acknowledged the next time your mother or father gives you a gem of advice be sure to take it, as their love is unconditional, and they will always advise you to make you a better person.

This is also explored in the Quran as Allah(SWT) states:

“And We have enjoined on man goodness to his parents” (Surah Al-Ankabut 29:8)

“Be grateful to Me and both your parents…” (Surah Luqman 31:14)

Making it evident the respect and love a young Muslim should have towards their parents. Moreover, the next time you decide to use your time occupied by technology think twice. Is this really worth it? As like I said you have a lifetime to be consumed by technology and only a short time to live your childhood.

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