“Let’s Play Again Mama” : The Importance Of Play In A Child’s Upbringing- Part 2

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Author: Amina Edota

Source: www.habibihalaqas.org


You are your child’s very first and favourite playmate

Best of Playtime

Playtime is fun, special and important for the development of children. Any activity can be playful for young children and can offer multiple opportunities to learn. Adults should therefore be ready to offer the right support and challenge the young ones. It is also important to remember that play is an indispensable part of a child’s upbringing and it is ultimately their future.

11 Points to Note about Play

1. Means to good health: Children, through active play and adventures, can be engaged in what can make them strong and healthy.

2. Learning through play: Through stories, role play and other methods , they can be taught about worship, history, culture and general education.

3. Skill building: Play is a good means of building thinking skills, curiosity and the ability to ponder over the signs of creation such as the clouds and animals. Children learn other life skills through play.

4. Good observation: Children’s responses to different situations while in play can be used to discover their interests and therefore help in nurturing them the right way.

5. Suitable play: Children should be allowed to play in an age appropriate manner so as to keep them stimulated. It is also important to create stimuli in their everyday activities since children learn from the environment.

6. Blessed play: Islamic teachings can be incorporated into play in as many ways as possible; and all activities should be started with Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.

7. Joining in: Participating in play activities with children can help open their minds; shape their personalities and develop positive aspects of their nature. An adult can make a big difference in how a child learns through play.

8. Every moment counts: Play can be fun and beneficial for both adults and children. When a child is engaged and notices the enjoyment of the adult, he or she will only want to play more – increasing learning opportunities. Such moments can also create positive memories.

9. Being spontaneous: Play should not feel like a huge burden or task. It should consist of a burst of excitement flowing around shared by everyone. Spontaneity adds to this excitement.

10. Being a good model: While playing, the adult(s) should set a good example – gentle mannered and patient especially while correcting the young ones. This will make it easier for children to imbibe later in life.

11. Every child is unique: Children are born with an individual way of experiencing the world. It is therefore important to use a suitable play approach to match each child’s temperament. And it is just as important to provide a range of resources as well as learning opportunities for each child, as some may have special skills or needs.

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