Liars Are Far-Removed From Allah’s Mercy

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By Pure Matrimony -

Liars are some of the worst of people and lying is a means from distancing yourself from Allah’s Mercy…and heading straight for hell. The Prophet SAW said:

Verily, truthfulness leads to righteousness and righteousness leads to Paradise. A man may speak the truth until he is recorded with Allah as truthful. Verily, falsehood leads to wickedness and wickedness leads to the Hellfire. A man may tell lies until he is recorded with Allah as a liar. (Sahih Muslim)

It’s important to understand that telling a lie is easy, but you have to cover your lie with many other lies thereafter. Telling the truth might be hard in the beginning – especially if it’s against yourself, but after this, there is only ease for you.

Allah SWT says in the Quran:

“Shall I inform you (O people!) upon whom the devils descend? They descend on every lying, sinful person.”

(Surah Ash-Shua’ra V221)

Liars are stripped of Allah’s Mercy and incur Allah’s curse instead as is mentioned here:

“And so lay the curse of Allah upon the liars.”

(Surah Al-Imran, V61)

The Prophet SAW mentioned many hadith and the problems associated with telling lies – one of them being that lying is one of the characteristics of a hypocrite.  It is also NOT permissible to tell a lie for fun or to make people laugh either, since this reduces the perception of the severity of the sin.

Even the angels distance themselves from the liar as mentioned in the hadith of Umar RA who narrated that the Prophet SAW said: “When a person tells a lie, the angels run one mile away.”


So the next time you think about telling a lie, think about the position you hold with Allah SWT the Most High, and ask yourself if it really is worth it.


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