Life is a Journey Not a Destination

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By Pure Matrimony -

Author: Umar Ejaz


The routes taken in these rough terrains are lessons expressing, whether we have evolved or dissolved, learnt or forgotten, the intuition taught by our personal journey. Ultimately all the experiences towards the goal, finally end at the destination expressing either self-discovery or self-destruction 

The appreciation of this journey and its experiences help in discovering the most profound moments of true beauty within ourselves and what it truly means to live life regardless of the path taken. As if these roads are walked step by step, truly explored and understood, life through these paths can lead to the guidance of self-discovery. Lighting a glimmering beacon through the darkest corners of our hearts and minds to signify the meaning, of what the journey truly means? However the problem that most strive in acquiring is the sincerity to themselves, as the route at times may become like walking down a endless road to no resolute.

Although nothing in this world is a birth right and the challenges we face in this journey, are always driven in finding patience and courage to navigate mindfully through the daily challenges. To whole heartedly fight our inner demons, to climb out of our personal hells and fully achieve are God given potential towards our destination, that every individual has within them regardless of race, religion, gender, creed, colour, origins or class.

It is a beautiful struggle and there seems to be a mercy from God in these moments and experiences that seem to always be cross roads in the divergence of happiness and sadness. Why is it that both of these paths are inter-woven, as those who have experienced sadness, can accept that happiness is a blessing, signifying the glory of a triumphant succession from blindness to sight?

And the same applies paradoxically with sadness, when you are in despair, it is those memories of God’s mercy through happiness you once had on your journey, that gives the hope, to visualise the light at the end of the road and grasp its insight. This in my mind gives us strength in ourselves, leading towards personal empowerment, to always see positives even in negative situations, but at the same time humbly realise, you can never truly comprehend and grasp love if you have never experienced pain. As even the most grounded of natural substances, dirt can rise and elevate, even when it seems to be at the depths of our soles.

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