Marriage a basic tool of life

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Author: Sabha


Islam has ordained that sexual desire must be satisfied. But not by unlawful sexual liaison secretly. In addition,  marriage is a device to show that they haven’t committed adultery.

Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhi  wa sallam said:

  • You should marry, for that is the best way of saving yourself from casting evil eyes,  and of safeguarding yourself against sexual immorality. The one who does not possess the means to marry should fast, because of fasting curbs sexuality[ At- Tirmidhi].
  • The woman should not observe a non-obligatory fast without the permission of her husband.[al- Bukhari]
  • The woman who passes her night with a view to evading the desire of her husband is cursed by the angels till she attends on him. [ Al – Bukhari]
  • When you happen to see a woman and is attracted by her, he should go to his wife, for she has the same as she[the other woman] had.[at-Tirmidhi]
  • By Allah, I am the best among you in the matter of fear of Allah and avoiding his his-displeasure. But in spite of that, I observe fast and break it, offer prayers and sleep ta night, and marry women. This is my way, and whosoever shuns my way does not belong to me.[Al- Bukhari].

It has been lawful for you to seel in marriage with your wealth any other women than those specified, provided that you keep them in wedlock and not in license…..

You may marry them with the permission of their guardians. So that they may live a decent life in wedlock and not in a licence, nor may have secret illicit relations.

What is marriage about?

According to the principle of moderation, the sexual relationship which was forbidden outside marriage has not only been declared lawful within marriage. But also has been commended as good. It is enjoined on the Muslims. Moreover, its avoidance is regarded with dishonour. Marriage is looked upon as a virtuous deed. If a woman observes a non-obligatory fast. Busies herself in worship with a view to evading the lawful desire of her husband, she commits a sin.

However, if a man avoids marriage he is blameworthy. Because of two reasons. Either man will not meet the ends of the law of nature and waste his energy. He will be compelled to satisfy his desires by the unlawful, way.


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